Comptiq 1997 January

NONE コンプティーク No. 162
January 1997

Kadokawa Shoten
550 yen

The cover has Miyamura Yuko.

[information provided by CuSO4]

There is a lot of game information.

There is a one page report on the Playstation Expo, Jacom II, and E3/Tokyo, with some seiyuu and cosplay pictures.

There is a six page report on 44 seiyuu CD-ROMs. There is a half-page interview with Tange Sakura and Kingetsu Mami.

There is a four page report on how to buy a personal computer featuring Nagasaki Moe. There are 5 pictures of Moe, and she's wearing 4 different outfits in the pictures.

There is a five page report on Evangelion, with photos of the seiyuu.

There is a one page corner Iwao Junko's Pejipaso, featuring Junko (two pictures) and her computers (picture of her IBM palmtop and her black Mac). This is the start of this column, and Junko will write one page per issue.

There is a one and a half page article on Miyamura Yuko, with a large photo of her karate kicking the reader.

There is a 0.2 pages on Hikami Kyoko.

The cover of the next issue will be Mitsuishi Kotono.


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