Comptiq 2001 February

NONE コンプティーク No. 222
February 2001

Kadokawa Shoten
790 yen
comes with CD-ROM

The cover has Di Gi Charat.

[skipping the magazine contents..]

This issue of Comptiq comes with a data CD-ROM that can be played on Windows.

Some of the hilights of the CD-ROM..

Heart Chu handshake event movie
There is a 12 minute AVI file of the Heart Chu handshake event (2000.11.26) at Animate Machida. There are many scenes of the girls in the waiting room, eating lunch, etc. Also they do show quite a lot of the fans. (Not me though.)
Shimizu Kaori talk/interview
There is a 23 minute AVI (MPEG4) of Shimizu Kaori and guest Sanada Asami. (Video quality is pretty bad.)
Di Gi Charat Fantasy movie
There is a 1 minute 30 second MPEG1 of DiGi Charat Fantasy. (Same video that was in AX last year, but better quality.)


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