Cut August 2010

Cut August 2010

Zasshi 02473-08
on sale 2010.07.19
690 yen

Cut is a music magazine, but the August 2010 issue had a picture of the K-On characters on the cover. There were interviews featuring Toyosaki Aki (˭갦) and Mizuki Nana (ࡹ).

There is a four page interview with Toyosaki Aki about K-On. The first two pages are full page closeup photos of Aki. The next two pages are the interview, and there is a picture of Hirasawa Yui with her guitar.

There is a eight page interview with Mizuki Nana. The first four pages are photos of Nana. There is one other full page photo of Nana, and three pages of interviews.

There is also a two page interview with No Sleeves (No3B), the sub group of AKB48.

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