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  • Dream Time

    Dream Time (׻Ҽ̿)
    1500 yen
    released 1995.09.18
    size A5, hardcover, around 80 pages

    This book is a 100% color picture collection of Inoue Kikuko (׻).

    It is divided up into several chapters, where Kikuko is wearing different clothes in each chapter.

    • Sea
    • White
    • Green
    • Face
    • Pink
    • Flower Garden
    • Wind
    • Sun Flower
    • Rooms


    Kikuko is wearing a long, white one piece with some red flower designs. She is seated by a house near the ocean. She is holding a white hat in some of the pictures, but she doesn't wear it in any of them.

    7 pictures.


    Kikuko is wearing a white one piece (maybe?), and she is lying down on a couch..

    3 pictures, 2 of them are two-page pictures.


    Kikuko is wearing a striped (various shades of blue and white) short sleeve shirt, and jeans. She also has a yellow sweater that she wraps around her waist, or she puts over her shoulder. She is outside in the greens, by some trees.

    11 pictures.

    Kikuko is also by a dock.

    4 pictures.


    Kikuko is wearing a striped (blue and white) short sleeve shirt, a white long skirt, and a white jacket (in some of the pictures). She is sitting against a white brick wall.

    6 pictures.


    Kikuko is wearing a pink short sleeve shirt, with fine white stripes.

    6 pictures.

    Flower Garden

    Kikuko is wearing a light pink colored one piece, which have flowerly decorations on the shoulders. She is holding a light pink colored hat too, but she doesn't wear it.

    3 pages.


    Kikuko is wearing a thin, white one piece dress, with a flower pattern mesh-like shawl over it. Kikuko is outside in the greens, and maybe by the ocean. The wind is blowing her hair in most of these pictures.

    7 pictures.

    Sun Flower

    Kikuko is wearing a black, sweater-like two piece outfit, with a long sleeve top and very thin and long skirt. Her hair is tied up.

    6 pictures.


    Kikuko is wearing her blue and white checkered pajamas.

    12 pictures.

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