EX Taishuu 2016 April

EX Taishuu 2016 April
on sale 2016.03.15
630 yen

[the following only contains seiyuu information]

There is a four page article on seiyuu, "Haru no Sweet seiyuu selection" (դΤͥ쥯), with large color photos of the seiyuu.
The seiyuu featured are Itou Miku (ƣ) (one full page), Kubota Miyu (̴̤) (half page), Nishi Asuka () (half page), Tachibana Rika (Ω) (1/3 page), Yamashita Nanami () (1/3 page), Hara Natsuko (1/3 page), and Hata Sawako (») (one full page).

In addition to large photos of the seiyuu, there is quite a bit of text (interview) for each seiyuu.

There is one large full body photo, and also another small photo of Sawako. Sawako graduated from an idol group in May 2013. Then she came to Tokyo to enter a seiyuu school. In April 2015 she got the lead role of Hara Eriko in the anime Venus Project. In April 2016, Sawako will be doing the role of Eto Etoshinmori the 8th in the TV anime Battle Spirits Double Drive. Recently she likes to play the game Dragon Quest Builders.

In the present corner, there are signed cheki for Hata Sawako, Itou Miku, Nishi Asuka, Kubota Miyu, and Hara Natsuko.

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