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  • Arbeit Erabi no Navigator From A Monday 7-28

    Recruit From A
    released 1997.07.21
    200 yen

    This magazine is a weekly magazine with lots of part time job information. At the beginning of the magazine, there are some color pages with various

    There was a one page interview with Nagasaki Moe on the inside page of the front cover!

    [One fairly large color picture of Moe in her room]
    [one small picture of Moe's teddy bears]
    [one small picture of Moe working at her sewing machine]
    [one small picture of Moe holding her dictionary]
    [and one small picture of an orugooru that she made in junior high]

    Moe just moved into her new room at the beginning of this year.

    Moe still has a hard time riding trains in Tokyo.

    Moe likes to read or make clothes at home.

    Moe doesn't know Japanese well, so she needs her dictionary.

    Moe has never gotten homesick.

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