Game Voice

NONE 「GAME VOICE」ゲーム声優コレクション
Gamest Mook vol. 80
Shinseisha ISBN4-88199-360-7
1250 yen (without tax)
released 1997.05.27
130 pages

[information provided by Joe Petrow, some additions by Hitoshi Doi.]

Though Game Voice is expensive, most of the pages are in color (it is actually listed as a mook). It is also the first magazine dedicated to seiyuu limited exclusively to game performances, so more of the less well known seiyuu get more exposure here.

The cover features Sakura Taisen seiyuu Yokoyama Chisa, in a pink and red kimono. Inside is a B2-size poster of Chisa in the same outfit.
[unfortunately, this poster is folded..]

13 page article on Sakura Taisen. Full page picture of the six main voice actresses (Yokoyama Chisa, Takano Urara, Tanaka Mayumi, Tomizawa Michie, Fuchizaki Yuriko, and Nishihara Kumiko), as full page pictures and profiles of each individually. All of the girls are dressed in casual contemporary style. There is an extra full-page picture of Chisa in the kimono.

6 page special on Miyamura Yuko. Some very sexy pictures of Yuko in a red tank top and black skirt, lying down.

Personal Pick Up

These are a serious of close-ups on game seiyuu. Each section has pictures, a short interview, and a short article about their "takaramono" (treasured item)

Iizuka Mayumi -Smile- 4 page special.
Full page picture of Mayumi with hair up, wearing a pink and white checkered dress, with pink sweater top. Other pictures of her in that outfit, as well as with her hair in pigtails, with yellow T-shirt and tan shorts. Mayumi's takaramono (treasure) is a signed copy of the book "Paradise Eve"

Toyoshima Machiko -Truth- 4 page special.
Full page head and shoulders picture of Machiko with hair down in a short red dress, with red and white checkered scarf (VERY nice). Other pictures include Machiko with hair down wearing a white shirt, and with hair up, wearing a floral pattern dress with white shirt top (only top button buttoned).

The interview talks about the differences between her and Sugihara Manami, her character in Sentimental Graffiti. Also Machiko talks about herself, saying she likes adventure games ("Clock Tower 2 hoshii na..."), she had a very active high school life, and that she likes guys who can cook, and thinks it would be fun to cook together.

Machiko's takaramono is a dolphin nuigurumi that her father bought her in San Diego, which she named "Sandy". She also says that another treasure is the postcards she receives from her fans, which she takes home to read thoroughly and to remember their names.

Sugawara Sachiko -Corn-: 4 page special.
Full page head and shoulder picture of Sachiko with short hair, wearing a plaid yellow and white collared shirt, with a white t-shirt underneath. Other pictures show Sachiko in a white dress with a plaid apron, making a strawberry cake. Sachiko's takaramono is her diary.
[It looks like Sachiko is left-handed (judging by the pictures).]

Big Game Review

Despite the name of this corner, the articles revolve more around the seiyuu than the game itself.

5 page article on the seiyuu of Tekken 3. Features and pictures of Touma Yumi, Tsuru Hiromi (with half blond hair), Morikawa Toshiyuki, and Chiba Isshin.

4 page article on Magical Drop III, featuring Ikezawa Haruna and Koyasu Takehito.

3 page article on Virtual On, featuring Higuchi Chieko. Lots of cute pictures, some with red shirt and black mini skirt, others with pink sweater and white and red checkered mini skirt.

2 page article on Virtual Fighter 3, featuring Kumagaya Niina.

5 page article on Dead or Alive, featuring Tange Sakura. Many cute pictures of Sakura with hair up in a blue floral kimono, and with hair down, wearing a white Dead or Alive cap, with white jacket over a stripped shirt, and brown shorts.

5 page article on True Love Story, featuring Kikuchi Shiho and Fujino Kaoru.

3 page article on Roommate, featuring Fujino Tomoko.

Maker Attention

4 page article on Amano Yuri, and her roles in Street Fighter EX (Hokuto), Quiz Nanairo Dreams Nijiiro-cho no Kiseki (Kohato Mayumi-sensei), and Street Fighter III (Ibuki).

4 page article on Ikoma Harumi and her roles in Real Bout Garou Densetsu (King and Blue Mary), and Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits (Nakoruru and Charlotte).

Favorite Game

This is the monochrome section.

4 page article on Dokidoki Pretty League, featuring 1/3 page article with picture of Kouda Mariko, Shiratori Yuri, Matsumoto Rica, Touma Yumi, Komori Manami, Nagashima Yuko, Yonemoto Chizu, Hikami Kyoko, Takimoto Fujiko, and Akiyama Kumi.

2 page article on Quo Vadis 2, featuring Kasahara Hiroko.

2 page article on Purikura (Princess Kurara) Dai Sakusen featuring Kurata Masayo, Hanba Tomoe, and Mizusawa Jun.

4 page article on seiyuu-hosted radio shows based on games.

7 pages of seiyuu data for games for the arcades, Playstation, and Saturn.

2 pages of news (upcoming CDs, events, fan clubs, etc.)

Saikin Game Preview

This section focuses on recent games.

5 page article on Vampire Savior, featuring Araki Kae, Neya Michiko, Matsushita Miyuki, and Jinguuji Yayoi.

4 page article on Meltylancer, featuring Nogami Yukana.

4 page article on Voice Fantasia, featuring Horie Yui.

5 page article on Gal Act Heroism, featuring Maeda Konomi, Asakawa Yuu, and Maeda Chiaki.

5 page article on Sentimental Graffiti, featuring the six new seiyuu (lots of nice group shots). Okada Junko, Nishiguchi Yuka, Suzuki Urarako, Okamoto Asami, Konno Hiromi, and Makishima Yuki. There are three pictures with all six girls, and two sets of pictures with three of the six girls.

Many prizes are up for grabs, including signboards and autographed pictures of most of the seiyuu featured in this magazine.

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