Dengeki G's Magazine September 2015

Dengeki G's Magazine September 2015

on sale 2015.07.30
1089 yen

This issue comes with serial codes for various games to get special cards and items in the games.
One of the codes is for a SR Nico card in the smartphone game Love Live School Idol Festival.

[only seiyuu information given here]

There is a one page interview on the new album by Nanjou Yoshino (갦ǵ), "Tokyo 1/3650".

This is Yoshino's 10th year, and she released her first full album on 7/22. The first pressing of this CD comes with a 32 page photo booklet. Yoshino wears her own clothes in the booklet, and the photos were taken in Shibuya and the surrounding Inogashira Line area.

Yoshino will have her first solo live in Osaka on 9/4 and Tokyo on 9/13.

There is a two page article on the seiyuu band Poppin Party, made up of Aimi (Terakawa Aimi), Itou Ayasa, and Nishimoto Rimi. During their second live, they announced a new member, Ohtsuka Sae.

There is a one page article on Hibiki Radio Station featuring Yoshida Mayumi and Miyake Junichi.

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