Idol Boeitai Hummingbird Mook

Gakken Mook Anime V Special
ISBN 4-05-601117-6
1800 yen
released 1996.01.01

There are altogether over 120 pages, with 2/3 of them are color pages. This is a perfect guide with all that you want to know about Hummingbird, and is a definitely must for a Hummingbird fans.

Over 1/4 (30 pages, chapter 10-13) of the content is dedicated to the info of the five seiyuu, Tamagawa Sakiko (玉川砂記子), Amano Yuri (天野由梨), Mitsuishi Kotono (三石琴乃), Kusachi Fumie (草地章江), Shiina Hekiru (椎名へきる) with plenty of photos. Therefore this book is also highly recommended for the fans of those five seiyuu.

[information provided by Martin Seto and Dennis Jann]


0. Fold-out poster
a "grid" of b/w photos of the Hummingbird seiyuu and "Nagel-style" pictures of their characters (like those on the "Sisters" Vocal Best CD cover) on a black background.
Flip side: the Hummingbird girls (no, not the seiyuu) in shower stalls with doors in the "appropriate" places.
1. Illustrations of Hummingbird characters
8 full-page and 4 two-page color pictures, including LD and video jackets, the 2 AnimeV posters, and the illustration for the Zapping CD ads.
2. Character member introduction
A full-page color picture of each character, paired with various shots from the OAVs and a biographical info chart (birthday, blood type, likes and dislikes).
3. Visual theater
Introduction to 4 OVA episodes. With plenty of film from the OVA.
4. Soko ga shiritai Hummingbird
Many design works and background info. Design sketches of characters, aircraft, and home/base. Also includes 10 4-panel comic strips.
5. Song collection
Lyrics and sheet music for all the Hummingbird songs.
6. Complete AV guide
Info on CDs, CD singles, laserdiscs, videos, tapes.
7. We are Hummingbird fans!
Info of all humming bird-related products. Includes official fan club cards, fans, badges, pamphlets, sweatshirt, windbreaker, digital watch, pompom stick, megaphone, penlight, headband.
8. Message letter to Hummingbird
Message from staffs and some seiyuus.
9. All staff & cast list
10. Voice unit member introduction
Introduction of five main seiyuu. Same format as character introduction:
A full-page color photo of each seiyuu, paired with various photos and a biographical info chart (birthday, blood type, likes and dislikes).
[Notably cute are the full-page photos of Kotono and Hekiru, and the photo of Hekiru eating an ice cream cone.]
11. Ima tabi tachi, go nin sorezore no ume no baso he...
Interview of five seiyuu.
12. Hummingbird history
Event, concert, afureco, and tour photos.
13. Hummingbird final concert
More color photos.

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