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  • HM3 SPECIAL vol 16

    HM3 SPECIAL vol 16
    1470 yen

    The front cover has Drops (Kouda Mariko, Nonaka Ai, Shiraishi Ryouko, Kanda Akemi, Kaneda Tomoko). The back cover has Poppins (Nakahara Mai, Shimizu Ai).

    [color pages unless stated otherwise]

    11 pages on Drops. Everyone is wearing grey outfits for the first half, and white tops and jeans for the second half.

    2 pages on Kouda Mariko (Drops personal interview).

    5 page concert report on Mizuki Nana, 2004.07.17 at Nagoya Diamond Hall.

    4 pages on Iizuka Mayumi.

    4 pages on Ueda Kana.

    3 pages on tiaraway (Chiba Saeko, Nanri Yuuka).

    3 pages on Nogawa Sakura.

    3 page interview with Nakao Ryuusei and Seki Toshihiko.

    2 pages on Kadowaki Mai, Ohsawa Chiaki, Inoue Naomi, about Negima.

    2 pages on Kobayashi Yuu, Sakuma Miho, Shiraishi Ryouko, Tanaka Hazuki, about Negima.

    2 pages on Chiba Saeko, Nakahara Mai, Shimizu Ai, about Mai-Hime.

    1 page interview with Kadowaki Mai, Itsuki Yui, Koshimizu Ami.

    1 page interview with Kadowaki Mai.

    2 page interview with Kitamura Eri.

    2 page interview with Yamamoto Maria.

    1 page interview with Ishihara Eriko.

    1 page interview with Saiga Mitsuki.

    2 page interview with Under17 (Momoi Haruko).

    Half page interview with Murata Ayumi.

    1 page interview with Koshimizu Ami, about School Rumble.

    2 page column by Seki Tomokazu.

    2 page column by Miki Shinichirou.

    2 page concert report on Shintani Ryouko, chu-lip live 2004.06.26 at Roppongi La Foret Museum.

    7 pages on Poppins (Nakahara Mai, Shimizu Ai). Poppins is a group that sings songs for the game and anime Dears.


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