HM3 SPECIAL vol 25

HM3 SPECIAL vol 25
1470 yen

The front cover has Takahashi Naozumi (高橋直純). The back cover has Shintani Ryouko (新谷良子).

[color pages unless stated otherwise]

17 pages on Takahashi Naozumi.

4 pages on Suzumura Kenichi, Noto Mamiko, Mizuki Nana.

4 pages on Mizuki Nana.

5 pages on Shiina Hekiru.

4 pages on Koshimizu Ami.

4 pages on Nonaka Ai. About her radio show "Rarirure Nichiyoubi". Two full page photos, and lots of little photos of Ai in Kobe.

2 page interview with Itou Ayako and Kawase Akiko. Ayako and Akiko are cosplaying as Koi Koi 7 characaters.

3 pages on Nogawa Sakura and Nakamoto Nobuhisa.

1 page on Takahashi Hiroki, about School Rumble.

2 page interview with Takahashi Hiroki.

2 page interview with Tsuda Kenjirou.

1 page interview with Arai Satomi.

2 page column by Kakazu Yumi.

3 page interview with Miki Shinichirou and Suzuki Kiyonobu.

1 page Negima interview with Kadowaki Mai and Shimura Yumi.

1 page on Negima. Small photos and information on Noto Mamiko, Inoue Naomi, Aizawa Mai, Inokuchi Yuka, Minagawa Junko.

2 page interview with Komori Manami.

2 page interview with Clover (Inoue Nana, Miyazaki Ui, Shouji Yui, Saitou Momoko).

1 page interview with Chihara Minori.

1 page interview with Kimura Akiko.

7 pages on Shintani Ryouko. This is Ryouko's second issue in a row that she is on the back cover.

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