HM3 SPECIAL vol 39

HM3 SPECIAL vol 39
1470 yen

The front cover has Horie Yui (ٹͳ). The back cover has Takahashi Naozumi (ⶶľ).

[color pages unless stated otherwise]

16 pages on Horie Yui.

2 pages on Sakamoto Maaya and Kaneda Tomoko.

4 pages on School Rumble, featuring Koshimizu Ami and Noto Mamiko.

4 pages on Hirano Aya.

8 pages on Tamura Yukari.

1 page on Inoue Nana.

2 pages on Clover (Inoue Nana, Shouji Yui, Miyazaki Ui, Saitou Momoko).

4 pages on Gotou Saori.

2 page event report on Kishio Daisuke and Mizushima Takahiro's event.

2 pages on Nabatame Hitomi.

2 pages on Kikuchi Mika.

2 pages on Asano Masumi (vol 6 of Aice5 no yuujou monogatari).

1/2 page on Sakai Kanako's new single.

2 page column by Miki Shinichirou.

1 page on Taniyama Kishou and Nabatame Hitomi.

1 page on Kaida Yuuko and Matsuki Miyu.

1 page interview with Kobayashi Yuu and Fujita Saki.

1 page interview with Matsumoto Rica.

1 page interview with Milk Rings (Washizaki Takeshi, Asano Masumi).

2 pages on Kawakami Tomoko and Nakahara Shigeru.

11 pages on Takahashi Naozumi.

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