Make You Smile

Make You Smile (Sakura Tange)

3000 yen
released 1997.10.15
size A4, softcover, over 100 pages

This book is a color picture collection of Tange Sakura (丹下桜) her first picture collection.

This is 100% color, and has many large pictures of Sakura in London. All of the text (there isn't that much) is in English.

Since Sakura is wearing a coat or sweater in most of the pictures, it must have been cold (or cool) when she went there. There are a lot of "tight" sweater pictures.

HD's opinions

I hate "soft focus" and "blurry" pictures..

This picture collection is full of them. (;_;) There are some very nice and sharp pictures, but most are "soft"..
Of course, Sakura is very cute in most of these pictures.

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