MPEG Special volume 4

MPEG Special volume 4
980 yen

This magazine has various articles on CD-ROMs and computers. But there were some seiyuu related articles.

There are articles on Tomizawa Michie and Shiratori Yuri with color pictures.

There is also an one page event report on Akiyama Kumi's events in Yodobashi Camera and Animate. There are some monochrome pictures.
[someone's head is in one of the pictures.. ^_^;]

There is also a one page article on Hikami Kyoko.

This magazine also comes with a CD-ROM, which is in VCD (video CD) format, and contains MPEGs that can be played on a VCD player or a Windows machine with the MPEG player software.

The seiyuu related tracks are listed below.

  • 18 - Tomizawa Michie
  • 19 - Shiratori Yuri
  • 28 - Akiyama Kumi

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