Oricon Week The Ichiban (1996.08.05)

オリコンウィーク ザ1番
310 yen
released 1996.07.29

[just writing about seiyuu related information - H.Doi]

There is a 7 page color article on "indies" idols. The idols featured are Matsuda Yukari, Yoshinari Keiko, Morishita Junna, Maeda Misako, Nagai Nobuko (永井信子), and Shishido Rumi. There is one page on each girl.

There is a 1/3 page article on Sakurai Tomo's Saint Tail musical. There is a picture of Tomo in the Saint Tail outfit. There is also a small group photo, with Tomo, Okano Kousuke, and Nagasaki Moe.

There is a full page article (interview) on Nakama Yukie.

There is a one page article on Sakamoto Maaya, monochrome picture.

There is a 1/3 page article on Sasaki Nozumu, related to B'T X.

There is a 1/3 page article on Yuya Atsuko, with monochrome picture.

[Orion Week The Ichiban]

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