Oricon Week The Ichiban (1996.10.07)

オリコンウィーク ザ1番
310 yen
released 1996.09.30

There is a two page interview about the radio show "Cherry Princess" featuring Sakurai Tomo (桜井智) and Nagasaki Moe (長崎萠). There is one large photo of Tomo and Moe together in the recording studio, one small photo of them together, and one photo of each of them alone.

On page 39, there is an interview with Iwao Junko (1 color photograph). Featured are the "Ashita no Kioku-Featuring Emi Sanokura from NOeL" album, now on sale and the "Sylph the Eternal" photobook.

[information provided by Gary Blickhan]

[Orion Week The Ichiban]

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