Oricon Week The Ichiban (1996.12.16)

300 yen
released 1996.12.09

[just writing about seiyuu related information - H.Doi]

This issue of Oricon Week The Ichiban had a special on weekend late night radio shows and the seiyuu.

2 pages on Sakurai Tomo ().
(3 pictures of Tomo wearing a pink sweater and a black cap.)

The 3 big news of Tomo for 1996.

  1. Rode the Shinkansen alone for the first time.
  2. Bought a portable phone.
  3. Became crazy about tetris.

2 pages on Inoue Kikuko (׻).
(2 pictures of Kikuko, pretty fuzzy pictures..)

The 3 big news of Kikuko for 1996.

  1. Got married.
  2. Got a dog for a pet.
  3. Found a delicious snack.

1 page on Miyamura Yuko (¼ͥ).
(1 picture of Yuko.)

1 page on Tange Sakura (ð).
(1 picture of Sakura.)

The big 3 news of Sakura for 1996.

  1. Rode an airplane 10 times.
  2. Made a speech at a friend's wedding.
  3. Got a MAC.

1 page on Orikasa Ai (޳ް).
(1 picture of Ai.)

The big 3 news of Ai for 1996.

  1. Someone tried to pick her up in Los Angeles.
  2. Started learning a PC.
  3. The tropical fish laid some eggs, but..

1 page on Nakagawa Akiko ().
(1 picture of Akiko.)

1 page on Tominaga Miina (ڱʤߡ).
(1 picture of Miina.)

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