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  • Oricon Week The Ichiban (1997.02.17)

    NONE オリコンウィーク ザ1番
    310 yen
    released 1997.02.10

    The cover has a closeup of Shiina Hekiru

    There is a one page article on Fujisaki Shiori.

    There is a 5 page interview of Shiina Hekiru, with lots of color photos.

    There is a 1/4 page article on Hisakawa Aya. (about her album Portrait)

    There is a 1/4 page article on Hayashibara Megumi. (about her CD single "Yakusoku Dayo" going on sale 1997.03.05)

    There is a 4 page interview and photo collection of Sakurai Tomo.

    There is a one page interview of Morishita Junna. (some monochrome photos)

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