Oricon Week The Ichiban (1997.04.28)

オリコンウィーク ザ1番
310 yen
released 1997.04.21

The cover has the popular idol Kahara Tomomi.

On page 3 (this is the first page one opens to), there is a full page on Nagasaki Moe (長崎萠). The title is "the number 1 pure new singer". There is a large, full body picture of Moe in a blue suit (with matching short mini skirt), and an interview with Moe.
There is also a full page ad for Moe's single on page 67.

On page 14, there is a small picture of Shiina Hekiru throwing out the first pitch of the Nippon Ham Fighters season. Hekiru is doing the voice of the Fighters' mascot character.
It says that Hekiru threw a strike.

The release date of the four CD singles for Aa Megami-sama has been set at 8/7. There will be one CD by Goddess Family Club, and one CD each by Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld.

On page 16, there is a small picture of Kouda Mariko, and some information about Mariko's summer concert.

On page 16, there are two pictures of Sakurai Tomo from her concert at the Akasaka Blitz. The video tape of this concert will go on sale 7/2.

There is a 6 page special on seiyuu (pages 19 - 24). There are pictures and interviews for the following seiyuu: Koyasu Takehito, Midorikawa Hikaru, Shiratori Yuri, Sakamoto Maaya, and Iizuka Mayumi.

In the game rankings, Final Fantasy VII is blowing away the competition at total sales 3,023,980 (and sales for the week). But for the week, Quo Vadis 2 (Sega Saturn) is at number 3, with 38,300 sold.

By hardware, it is: PS 54.0%, SS 24.0%, SFC 8.0%, others 14.0%.

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