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  • Oricon Week The Ichiban (1997.06.09)

    オリコンウィーク ザ1番
    310 yen
    released 1997.06.02

    The cover features a smiling Kouda Mariko (國府田マリ子), in a full face shot, wearing a yellow jacket over a white t-shirt.

    The cover story is a five page interview/picture set of Kouda Mariko. Four full page color pictures of Mariko, and a one page interview.
    [I didn't know that "Egao de Aishiteru" was a cover song...]

    The music news flash section contains small articles on Kouda Mariko and Shiina Hekiru.

    The "Girls Weekly" section is a one page monochrome article on Nagasaki Moe (長崎萠).

    Two page interview with Two-Mix (Takayama Minami and Nagano Shiina).

    One page interview with Nogami Yukana (野上ゆかな).

    Oricon Top 100 singles

    39: Hayashibara Megumi's "don't be discouraged/Breeze" (last week #26)
    51: Takahashi Yoko's "Tamashi no Rufuran" (last week #32)

    The new Miyamura Yuko single debuts at #79

    The Sentimental Graffiti albums debuted at #47, #48, and #49 respectively (guess which placed where)

    And other scattered bits and pieces here and there...

    [information by Joe Petrow]

    [Orion Week The Ichiban]

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