Irodo Rie

̥ꥨ (Irodo Rie)

Seiyuu Animedia Tokubetsu Henshuu
3000 yen
released 2009.06.05
size A4, 86 pages

This is a 100% photo collection book of Tanaka Rie ().

The cover has a sexy shot of a naked looking Rie hiding behind a white towel, but none of the photos inside are like that.

Most of the photos are generic cosplay or street clothes photos. Rie is wearing the following types of clothes: witch, cat-ear maid, princess, china dress, santa outfit (skirt), miko, high school girl, race queen, bunny outfit.

There are two cosplay photo sets of Rie cosplaying her own characters: (Suigintou from Rozen Maiden), ; (Kirijou Mitsuru from Persona 3).

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