Nowanchatte Say You volume 1

のわぁんちゃって SAY YOU vol 1
Byakuya Shobou
980 yen
released 1995.07.??

The cover is has a color picture of Akahori Satoru (Poririn) dressed as a traditional Japanese prince and Mizutani Yuko (Kerorin) dressed as a princess. Satoru also has a crazed/dazed kind of expression on his face. Yuko is smiling.

The first section of the magazine is the color picture section, and has four pages of color pictures of Inoue Kikuko, Hiramatsu Akiko, and Imai Yuka. These pictures are fantastic!

Inoue Kikuko's pictures were taken by a hotel pool. She is wearing a white outfit.. slightly low cut! Her skirt is pretty short too.. way above the knees!

Hiramatsu Akiko is in a gray blouse and mid-thigh skirt, and there are lots of shots of her eating. Her clothes then are a red-white plaid long skirt.

Imai Yuka is in her apartment and outside. In the indoor shots, she is wearing jeans, in the outdoor shots, she is wearing a white blouse and short black skirt.

There are complete transcripts of the Nowanchatte Say You radio show from 1994.10.16 through 1995.01.08. (These INCLUDE the Nowanchatte Question section!)

Interspersed is a bowling(!) "competition" between Poririn and Kerorin. Poririn scored 141-114 (total 255) with 2 strikes, 6 spares, and 1 gutterball. Kerorin scored 74-112 (total 186) with 1 strike, 6 spares, and 5 gutterballs.

More color photos of the three above people, then a section on Yamaguchi Kappei, and a one-pager of Kouda Mariko in jeans.

There are shots of the animated SM Girls Saber Marionette R, and a short section on Bakuretsu Hunter.

There is a section on radio programs that focus on anime computer games. In the middle of this is a section on the radio version of SM Girls R.

Finally, there is a section on the postcards that they've received and read on the air (in the radio show).

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