Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 1

声優グランプリ vol 1

Opt Communications
980 yen
released 1994.12.01

The advertisement poster for this magazines is... terrible! It has Kouda Mariko and Inoue Kikuko nude. (;_;) Well, it might not be nude, but they isn't any clothing visible in the picture.. and you can see their shoulders, and a little bit farther down. The magazine itself does contain this picture.

The cover has Inoue Kikuko and Kouda Mariko. (not bad) (the back cover had an advertisement for PC-FX)

There is a 13 page article/pictures of Inoue Kikuko and Kouda Mariko. There is a pull out poster of Kouda Mariko, a very revealing picture. There is a pull out poster of Inoue Kikuko, holding a phone. (not bad, but not that great)

There is an article on Kusao Takeshi's live tour.

There is an article on Hiyama Nouyuki and Ogata Megumi, with pictures of them dressed up as gangsters holding guns.

There is a 4 page article on Nogami Yukana. Picture of her playing violin, playing with a computer and keyboard..

Okiayu Ryoutarou and Onodera Mariko also have color pictures.

There are b/w pictures/articles on Hidaka Noriko, Hisakawa Aya, and some others.

There is a data section with lots of data on seiyuu radio programs, seiyuu CDs, seiyuu events, games.

There are color pictures of Yokoyama Chisa and Touma Yumi in the game section.

Among the two major seiyuu magazines, I prefer Voice Animage over Seiyuu Grand Prix. The pictures in Seiyuu Grand Prix are too artsy for me.

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