Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 5

NONE 声優グランプリ vol 5

Opt Communications
980 yen
142 pages
released 1995.12.??

[comments by Jeff Okamoto, additions by Hitoshi Doi]

The cover has Kouda Mariko.

Interior full-page photo of Hisakawa Aya. Ad is for Aya Mail 4 (released 2/1), her 3rd CD single (2/1), and her 3rd album "for you for me" (3/1).

9 pages of Kouda Mariko, including numerous full-page and smaller photos

3 pages of Kouda Mariko's concert, including backstage photos

Fold-out double-sided poster, Kouda Mariko, and Kingetsu Mami

5 full-page photos of Kingetsu Mami

5 full-page photos of Kasahara Hiroko

4 pages of Matsumoto Rica

5 pages of Hiyama Nobuyuki and Morikawa Toshiyuki at night

4 pages of Tomizawa Michie and Tanaka Yuko playing catch-ball

3 pages of Miki Shinichiro. Very strange set of photos, this

3 pages of Asoh Kaori

2 pages of Ohno Marina. Very cute!

Interviews with Kouda Mariko, Kingetsu Mami, and Kasahara Hiroko

Essays by Hidaka Noriko and Minaguchi Yoko

6 pages on the preparation and backstage for Shiratori Yuri's concert

2 pages of "aniraji" (anime radio) personality lists and their programs

2 pages on upcoming seiyuu CD's

6 pages of conversation between Kamiya Akira and Nozawa Masako

One page of Kusachi Fumie

4 pages of Iwao Junko, including a shot of her Macintosh (looks like a Performa) and a Snoopy screen-saver. Shots of her washing dishes, playing the piano (electronic), and a shot of 4 stuffed penguins of various sizes. Sugoku kawaii!

2 pages of Shiina Hekiru

2 pages of Ogata Megumi

1 page each on Yamaguchi Kappei, Inoue Kazuhiko, and Kusao Takeshi (getting his ears candled!)

1 page each on Say You Club (the photo of Yamadera Kouichi looks *SO* goofy!), Komori Manami, Tange Sakura

1 page ad for AniRaji, volume 2. Volume 1 cover is Hayashibara Megumi. Volume 2 cover will be Hidaka Noriko and Tominaga Miina

2 page CG picture of Shiratori Yuri.

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