Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 14

NONE 声優グランプリ vol 14

Opt Communications
1200 yen
released 1997.11.10

The cover has Kouda Mariko.

This issue is the 3 year anniversay issue, and came with a special CD.

11 color pages on Kouda Mariko.

5 color pages on Weiss.

2 color pages (live report) on Miyamura Yuko. Lots of small pictures.

2 color pages (live report) on Iwao Junko. Lots of small pictures.

1 color page (live report) on Hayami Sho.

1 color page (live report) on Sasaki Nozomu.

2 color pages (live report) on Shiina Hekiru.

5 color pages on Kuwashima Houko. Many nice pictures of Houko in a sweater and long dress. She's also wearing a hat in some of the pictures.

4 color pages on Hayami Sho.

2 color pages on Tange Sakura. She has many "knots" in her hair. Never saw her this way before..

2 color pages on Konishi Hiroko.

2 color pages on Sasaki Nozomu.

2 color pages on Nakagawa Akiko. Akiko is riding a horse.

2 color pages on Iizuka Mayumi.

2 color pages on Nagasaki Moe.

2 color pages on Ogata Megumi.

2 color pages on Sakurai Tomo and Moriya Hisoka's challenge. This time they both take pictures, of Nagasaki Moe and Hashimoto Asobi.

2 color pages on Kouda Mariko's Game Museum.

2 color pages on Kikuchi Shiho.

Many live and event reports..

Articles about various CDs..

6 monochrome page article with Yamadera Kouichi and Fujita Toshiko. Many monochrome pictures.

Lots of other articles too..

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