Seiyuu Grand Prix 17

[cover] Seiyuu Grand Prix 17

Opt Communications
990 yen (5% tax included)
released 1998.05.25

The cover has Tange Sakura. (one of the cutest covers ever)

12 color pages on Tange Sakura. Lots of cute pictures, some full page, and some smaller ones.

8 color pages on Weiss. Full page individual pictures, and group pictures.

6 color pages on Nakagawa Akiko.

5 color pages on Kusachi Fumie.

1 color page on the Weiss Gluhen Tour 1998.

2 color pages on Iwao Junko's live 1998.04.18 in Kyoto.

1 color page on Nogami Yukana's live 1998.04.12 in Shibuya Egg Man.

1 color page on Yoshida Konami's live 1998.04.04 in Yotsuya Four Valley.

2 color pages on Iizuka Mayumi.

2 color pages on Sasaki Nozomu.

2 color pages on Hayami Sho.

2 color pages on Konishi Hiroko.

2 color pages on Kikuchi Shiho.

2 color pages on Morikubo Shoutarou.

2 color pages on Kouda Mariko.

2 color pages on Miyamura Yuko and Iwata Mitsuo. Several polaroids with scribbles on it.

1 color page on Toyoshima Machiko's minimum live (1998.04.26).

Half page color on Tange Sakura's "Catch Up Dream" event.

1 page article on the video Pensacola, an American TV show. A small picture of Toyoshima Machiko, as she does the voice of Janine.

Half page color "self recommends" by Nagasawa Miki for her CD "Watashi ha Suki".

Half page color "self recommends" by Hayashi Nobutoshi for his CD "Born".

1 monochrome page interview on Suyama Akio.

1 monochrome page interview on Kimura Akiko.

1 monochrome page interview on Touchika Kouichi.

1 monochrome page interview on Asada Yoko.

10 monochrome pages on various seiyuu schools.

1 monochrome page on Mitsuishi Kotono's "Fantastic Moon" radio show.

6 monochrome page talk by Chiba Shigeru and Yamadera Kouichi.

1 color page on the game Fox Junction, with pictures of Nishimura Chinami, Miyazaki Issei, Iwao Junko, Ikeda Shuuichi, Yamaguchi Yuriko.

1 color page on the game Roommate 3, with pictures of Fujino Tomoko.

1 color page on Nagano Ai.

1 color page on Yamamoto Maria.

2 color pages on Ogata Megumi.

The telephone card present is Iizuka Mayumi (cutoff was 1998.07.06).

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