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  • Seiyuu Grand Prix 18

    [cover] Seiyuu Grand Prix 18

    Opt Communications
    990 yen (5% tax included)
    released 1998.07.22

    The cover has Iwao Junko.

    12 color pages on Iwao Junko. Some nice pictures, some artsy pictures.

    5 color pages on Kuwashima Houko. Houko wearing short shorts.

    6 color pages on Yuuki Hiro.

    6 color pages on Mieno Hitomi.

    3 color pages on Miyamura Yuko. Information on all of her CDs.

    2 color pages on Inoue Kikuko. Pictures of Kikuko wearing a blue yukata (same as Shiawase Tambourine).

    2 color pages on Nakagawa Akiko. Akiko wearing a yukata, and playing with fireworks.

    2 color pages on Tange Sakura. Sakura wearing a blue yukata with flowers. She's playing with water yoyos and is holding a Hello Kitty mask. VERY cute!

    2 color pages on Iizuka Mayumi. Mayumi is roller skating.

    4 color pages on Kouda Mariko.

    1 color page on the Flower Children first live. Pictures of Yokoyama Chisa and Toyoguchi Megumi.

    Half page color on Kasahara Hiroko's talk and live (1998.06.07).

    Half page color on Lamuse First Solo Live (1998.05.31).

    Half page color on Toyoshima Machiko's Tea Time Party (1998.05.31).

    2 color pages on Rost's Party (Ishikawa Hideo, Kasahara Rumi, and Miki Shinichirou).

    1 color page on Hikami Kyoko and Ikezawa Haruna.

    Half page monochrome "self recommends" on Sakurai Tomo's "Overlap".

    Half page monochrome "self recommends" on Kikuchi Shiho's "Issho ga Iina".

    Half page monochrome "self recommends" on Sakaguchi Daisuke's "Ikagana Monoka".

    Half page monochrome "self recommends" on Sugawara Sachiko's "Satis-faction".

    Half page monochrome "self recommends" on Kusachi Fumie's "Pure".

    Half page monochrome "self recommends" on Yuuki Hiro's "Prism".

    6 monochrome pages (talk) on Yamadera Kouichi and Kanai Mika.

    There is a two sided hard cardboard cut-out fan (circle shaped) of Kuwashima Houko on one side and Yuuki Hiro on the other.

    2 color pages on Sasaki Nozomu.

    2 color pages on Hayami Sho.

    2 color pages on Konishi Hiroko.

    1 color page on "Doki Doki On Air 2", with Yokoyama Chisa, Nagashima Yuko, and Iwao Junko.

    2 color pages on "Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuuchou", with Horie Yui (Misato Aoi), Asakawa Yuu (Sakurai Komaki), Kawanabe Masaki (Houraiji Kyouichi), Ishiguro Takayuki (Daigo Yuuya).

    1 color page on Kakazu Yumi (nice large picture).

    1 color page on Ohmori Reiko (nice large picture).

    2 color pages on Ogata Megumi.

    The telephone card present is a 2 card set of Kuwashima Houko. (cutoff date was 9/7)

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