Seiyuu Grand Prix 21

[cover] Seiyuu Grand Prix 21

Opt Communications
990 yen (5% tax included)
released 1999.01.25

The cover has Iwata Mitsuo and Miyamura Yuko.
This is the "happy marriage Miyamu" issue.

12 color pages with lots of pictures on Miyamura Yuko and Iwata Mitsuo.

6 color pages on Shiina Hekiru.
[these pictures do not look good at all!]

5 color pages on the Weiss final concert.

2 color pages on Iwata Mitsuo and Mieno Hitomi.

There is a 10 page section on new seiyuu. 2 color pages (with one full page picture) on Yamamoto Maria. Very, very cute pictures. 2 color pages on Omimura Mayuko. 2 color pages on Kawasumi Ayako. 2 color pages on Mizuno Manabi. 2 color pages on Nasu Megumi. SUPER CUTE!

2 color pages on Nakagawa Akiko. Pictures of Akiko in a recording studio.

2 color pages on Kouda Mariko's radio show GM.

1 color page "self recommendation" article on Nogami Yukana's new CD.

Half page color on Komori Manami's new CD.

Half page color on Mizuno Manabi's new CD.

Half page color on Iwanaga Tetsuya's new CD.

1 page full of color polaroids (with lots of scribbles) of Miyamura Yuko and Iwata Mitsuo.

1 color page live report on Hayami Sho.

Half page color, live report on Ogata Megumi's live on 12/13.

Half page color, live report on Sasaki Nozomu's live on 11/28.

Half page color, live report on Nakagawa Akiko's Soldier Tour 99 (in Nagoya 1/3).

Half page color, live report on Sakurai Tomo's Christmas Fantasy Live.

1 color page on Voicelugger. Many small pictures of the filming in a forest.

Half page color on Arishima Moyu and Matsuno Taiki's radio show.

6 page talk by the Meitantei Conan seiyuu, with monochrome pictures, Takayama Minami, Takagi Wataru, Yamazaki Wakana, Cha Furin.

5 monochrome pages on various seiyuu schools. Some pictures of the seiyuu who came from each of the schools.

1 monochrome page on Sakurai Tomo's radio show, with Ohmori Ayano.

6 monochrome pages of talk by Yamadera Kouichi and Inoue Kazuhiko.

5 color pages on Kouda Mariko and Sakaguchi Daisuke.

1 color page on the game Kagayaku Kisetsu he, with a picture of Yukino Satsuki.

2 color pages on the game Kitahe, with many small pictures of Ohtani Ikue and Chiba Saeko.

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