SPA! - 1999.11.24

SPA! - 1999.11.24
on sale 1999.11.17 (or so)
330 yen

The current issue of SPA magazine (11/24) has a two page b/w article on Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ) (more on that later).

There is also a two page color article on Horie Yui (ٹͳ). Yui's article is more an advertisement for the cdma one portable phone. The pictures of Yui are very good. She's using the phone, which has a keitai strap of Multi! (^_^;) Most of the pics have Yui with the phone, but there is also one pic of Yui in a recording studio.

There is also a one page color report on the photo collection book Ripple, by Sakurai Tomo ().

Now, Nagasaki Moe's article.. or rather the shocking pictures. (;_;)

First the pictures. There is a pic of the cover of Moe's upcoming photo collection, called "Moe Moe" (on sale 11/25, 2000 yen). This isn't bad at all. It has Moe with very short hair, but she looks very cute. Maybe's she's not wearing anything in this picture, but it's a closeup.

The second picture is Moe wearing a black camisole, and she's laughing and standing on a sofa. This picture is pretty good too. This camisole is just like something your typical kogal wears in the summer. But I don't think the "old" Moe would have worn anything like this. Moe has short hair in this one too.

But the last picture is.. Moe totally naked. But she's positioned in a way that you can't see anything. (^_^;) She has long hair in this one. Her hair isn't this long now, so this must have been taken before the hair cut.

This photo book will contain poems written by Moe, in addition to the pictures. They will sell this photo book at her event next Tuesday. It says the photo's were taken by Adachi Yumiko.


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