SPA! - 1999.12.01

SPA! - 1999.12.01
on sale 1999.11.24 (or so)
330 yen

The December 1 issue of SPA has 5 color pages on Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ). This article is the first article in the magazine too!

The first picture is a picture of Moe from the back, as she is walking away from the camera. (A very small picture of Moe.) Moe is wearing a colorful long sleeve shirt, and yellow long pants.

The second picture is a full page picture of Moe in a light green sweater (long sleeve) and a white skirt. Not a cute style, but an adult, mature style.

The third picture is a full page, full body picture of Moe wearing a light colored short sleeve shirt, and a white skirt.

The fourth page is the article, and the fifth page is a full page picture, a closeup of Moe. In all of these pictures, Moe has her hair parted slightly off from the right side. This must be her new "look". This is how she was at the event last week.

Also there is a two page monochrome article on Nagasaki Moe, the same series of articles from the last few weeks.


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