Sylph the Eternal

Sylph the Eternal (˽Ҽ̿)

Opt Communications
2400 yen
released 1996.09.20
size A4, hardcover, around 100 color pages, 32 monochrome pages

This book is a color picture collection of Iwao Junko (˽).

It has around 100 pages of color pictures and around 32 pages of text (mixed with some monochrome pictures).

The first printing of this book comes with a small (10cm x 20cm), desktop 1997 calendar. There are 7 pages (1 cover, 6 calendar), with two small pictures per calendar page. The pictures are different from those inside the book.
This calendar is not for sale, and you can only get it with the first printing of this book.

The cover has Junko in a yellow sleeveless shirt, standing against a wall.

The pictures in the book are divided up into the following sections: Lustre, Longing, Colour, and Melancholy.

Lustre has a lot of pictures of Junko indoors. Longing has pictures of Junko taken in the winter (in the snow). Colour has pictures of Junko in the sunny outdoors, probably in the summer. Melancholy has pictures of Junko in an autumn setting.

my opinions

This book is nice. There are quite a few blurry shots (not soft focus, but blurred). I wish they wouldn't do that.. But most of the pictures are not "posed", so it seems very natural, which I like.

There is going to be a CD-ROM with the pictures in this book (plus lots more) coming out on 10/25. I'm looking forward to that.

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