can-d (Sakurai Tomo)

TIS books
2000 yen
released 1999.03.16
size A5, hardcover, 127 pages

This is a photo collection book for Sakurai Tomo ().

Pages 1 to 27 are color posed photos.

Pages 28 to 32 contain color photos about running.

Pages 33 to 64 are titled "can-discover" and contain monochrome photos and text.

Pages 65 to 75 are color stage photos.

Pages 76 to 79 are color posed photos.

Page 80 is a collage of various older photos.

Pages 81 to 96 are monochrome photos and text.

Pages 97 to 112 are color action photos.

Pages 113 to 123 are titled "can-derive" and contain 100 typed fan questions and Sakurai-san's handwritten answers.

Pages 124 to 127 are monochrome and contain stage photos and text.

[information provided by Gary Blickhan]

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