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  • Miss Macross 7 Roman Album Extra

    Miss Macross 7 Roman Album Extra

    Tokuma Shoten 61578-26
    850 yen
    released 1995.09
    size B6, hardcover, 98 pages

    Pages 4 to 11 contain color illustrations of Mylene in "Costume Play" as a nurse, girl student, waitress, and captain (!).

    Pages 12 to 22 contain color illustrations of Mylene from the Macross 7 ending credits.

    Pages 23 to 38 contain color illustrations of Mylene from various Macross 7 episodes.

    Pages 39 to 53 contain the "Macross 7 Gals Catalog" contain color illustrations of the women of Macross 7: Miho Miho, Sally S. Ford, Kim Saint-Laurent, Ho Sidok, Lora Continental, Shine and Fine Brockenglitts, Rivi Donen, Ella Fitzgerald, the Flower Lady, Sivil, Rex, Akiko Hojo, and the Jamming Girls.

    Pages 54 to 58 contain a color manga featuring Mylene.

    Pages 59 to 66 contain color photos of Sakurai Tomo () including dressed as Mylene with a guitar.

    Pages 67 to 90 contain monochrome examples of Mylene's fashion from each episode of Macross 7, plus some illustrations of other characters.

    Pages 91 to 97 are "Mylene A to Z" which has entries for each letter of the English alphabet with concepts related to Mylene.

    Pages 98 contains the credits.

    [information provided by Gary Blickhan]

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