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  • Virtual Idol 1

    NONE バーチャル・アイドル1

    Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
    690 yen
    released 1994.09.??

    The cover has two characters from Makendou.

    21 pages on Seika Joshi High School, and Sotsugyou II. There is a small individual color picture of the seiyuu for the five girls in Sotsugyou II: Nanba Chieko, Hagimori Junko, Urawa Megumi, Suzuki Saori, and Nakajima Chisato.

    5 pages on King of Fighter 94. There is a small individual color picture of the main seiyuu: Ikoma Harumi, Sogi Akoya, Horie Kaori, and Fukui Reiko.

    8 pages on Pretty Fighter.

    6 pages on Twinbee Paradise (3 color, 3 monochrome). Some small color pictures of Kouda Mariko doing the radio show, and Shiina Hekiru and Kouda Mariko at an event.

    1 page on Kouda Mariko's solo album, Pure. Two monochrome pictures of Mariko in the recording studio.

    Half page on Princess Maker, with a monochrome picture of Yokoyama Chisa.

    Half page on Risky Jewel, with a monochrome picture of Sakurai Tomo, Hashimoto Asobi, Moriya Hisoka, and Nagasaki Moe from an event.

    Half page on the Idol Project special CD recording, with a monochrome picture of Kanamaru Hinako, Kouda Mariko, and Koorogi Satomi.

    1 page essay by Shiina Hekiru, with a monochrome picture.

    14 color pages on Super Real Mahjong P V. There are small individual color pictures of the main seiyuu: Nakayama Manami, Yamazaki Wakana, and Tange Sakura.

    Several pages on game related anime shows.

    7 pages on Wrestle Angels.

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