Virtual Idol 9

NONE バーチャル・アイドル9

Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
880 yen
released 1996.07.22

The cover has Kouda Mariko (國府田マリ子) wearing a short pink one-piece, with mesh stockings and white boots, sitting down. A very nice and cute picture of Mariko.

The included poster is also a poster of Kouda Mariko.

14 pages on Doukyuusei 2, featuring Yui and Sakurako. Mostly game information, but some on the OAV.

4 pages on Sentimental Graffiti. There is information about all 12 of the characters, but only 6 of them have the seiyuu listed. There are tiny pictures of the 6 seiyuu: Suzuki Mariko, Oda Michiko, Maeda Ai, Toyoshima Machiko, Mannaka Yukiko, and Yonemoto Chizu. There is also a small group picture of these six.

2 pages on Dragon Knight.

2 pages on Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna.

6 pages on Tokimeki Memorial. Pictures of the characters, and the new goods that will come out. A set of plastic key holders, with the girls wearing summer school uniforms, mini fans, deck of cards (one for each girl), and solar powered calculators.

6 pages on Megami Paradise FX. Lots of cute pictures from the game. Tiny pictures of the 10 main seiyuu.

4 pages on Super Real Mahjong P VI.

2 pages on Zoku Hatsukoi Monogatari. Small pictures of Miyamura Yuko and Hiramatsu Akiko. The cast is as follows.

Takase YukaTakahashi Miki
Iwadate MakiAmano Yuri
Seto MoemiIwatsubo Rie
Komaki HitomikoSakuma Rei
Aoyanagi MimoriOhtani Ikue
Shima AyanoShinohara Emi
Nakayama SerikaOkamura Akemi
Morita SuzuriMiyamura Yuko
Hashimoto EnaHiramatsu Akiko
Matsubara HazukiKonishi Hiroko
Muriel HayasakaIwao Junko

4 pages on Can Can Bunny Premiere. Nice pictures of Swatty.

Several more pages of information and character pictures for various new games.

seiyuu section

2 page article on Kikuchi Shiho, with color pcitures.

2 page article on Akiyama Kumi, with color pictures. Kumi's vital statistics: 1976.02.10, type A, 157 cm, 43 kg, 78-58-82, 22.5 cm, clothes size 7, ring size 10. There's also a layout sketch of Kumi's room.

2 page article on Kouda Mariko, with color pictures.

1 page event report for Miyamura Yuko's event at Amazing Square. Lots of color pictures, including pictures of Yuko doing the "banjii jump".

1 page column by Kingetsu Mami with a monochrome picture.

2 page column "oshaberi tea time" with Tominaga Miina. The guest was Kasahara Rumi, and there are some monochrome pictures.

1 page article on Kouda Mariko's new album "Happy Happy Happy", with monochrome pictures.

Many more short articles and information in the monochrome pages.

Two 1 page articles on the recording of radio shows. The first one is Sakurai Tomo's Cherry Princess. Monochrome pictures of Sakurai Tomo and Nagasaki Moe. The second one is L Joshi Gakuen Housou Shitsu. Monochrome pictures of Hikami Kyoko and Yonezawa Momo.

9 page article on game characters in summer outfits: swimwear and yukata. Lots of pictures of girls from games: Tokimeki Memorial, Yuna, Noel, Rolfee, Megami Paradise, Doukyuusei, Sotsugyou, etc.
[Lots of nice pictures.]

3 page article on Twin Bee Paradise radio, with color pictures of Kouda Mariko and Otakki Sasaki.

1 page event report with color pictures of Kouda Mariko's live on 1996.07.07 at Nisshin Power Station.

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