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  • Virtual Idol 9

    NONE バーチャル・アイドル9

    Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
    880 yen
    released 1996.07.22

    The cover has Kouda Mariko, wearing a short pink one-piece, with mesh stockings and white boots, sitting down. Very nice and cute picture of Mariko.

    The included poster is also a poster of Kouda Mariko.

    14 pages on Doukyuusei 2, featuring Yui and Sakurako. Mostly game information, but some on the OAV.

    4 pages on Sentimental Graffiti. There is information about all 12 of the characters, but only 6 of them have the seiyuu listed. There are tiny pictures of the 6 seiyuu: Suzuki Mariko, Oda Michiko, Maeda Ai, Toyoshima Machiko, Mannaka Yukiko, and Yonemoto Chizu. There is also a small group picture of these six.

    2 pages on Dragon Knight.

    2 pages on Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna.

    6 pages on Tokimeki Memorial. Pictures of the characters, and the new goods that will come out. A set of plastic key holders, with the girls wearing summer school uniforms, mini fans, deck of cards (one for each girl), and solar powered calculators.

    6 pages on Megami Paradise FX. Lots of cute pictures from the game. Tiny pictures of the 10 main seiyuu.

    4 pages on Super Real Mahjong P VI.

    2 pages on Zoku Hatsukoi Monogatari. Small pictures of Miyamura Yuko and Hiramatsu Akiko. The cast is as follows.

    • Takase Yuka :: Takahashi Miki
    • Iwadate Maki :: Amano Yuri
    • Seto Moemi :: Iwatsubo Rie
    • Komaki Hitomiko :: Sakuma Rei
    • Aoyanagi Mimori :: Ohtani Ikue
    • Shima Ayano :: Shinohara Emi
    • Nakayama Serika :: Okamura Akemi
    • Morita Suzuri :: Miyamura Yuko
    • Hashimoto Ena :: Hiramatsu Akiko
    • Matsubara Hazuki :: Konishi Hiroko
    • Muriel Hayasaka :: Iwao Junko

    4 pages on Can Can Bunny Premiere. Nice pictures of Swatty.

    Several more pages of information and character pictures for various new games.

    seiyuu section

    2 page article on Kikuchi Shiho, with color pcitures.

    2 page article on Akiyama Kumi, with color pictures. Kumi's vital statistics: 1976.02.10, type A, 157 cm, 43 kg, 78-58-82, 22.5 cm, clothes size 7, ring size 10. There's also a layout sketch of Kumi's room.

    2 page article on Kouda Mariko, with color pictures.

    1 page event report for Miyamura Yuko's event at Amazing Square. Lots of color pictures, including pictures of Yuko doing the "banjii jump".

    1 page column by Kingetsu Mami with a monochrome picture.

    2 page column "oshaberi tea time" with Tominaga Miina. The guest was Kasahara Rumi, and there are some monochrome pictures.

    1 page article on Kouda Mariko's new album "Happy Happy Happy", with monochrome pictures.

    Many more short articles and information in the monochrome pages.

    Two 1 page articles on the recording of radio shows. The first one is Sakurai Tomo's Cherry Princess. Monochrome pictures of Sakurai Tomo and Nagasaki Moe. The second one is L Joshi Gakuen Housou Shitsu. Monochrome pictures of Hikami Kyoko and Yonezawa Momo.

    9 page article on game characters in summer outfits: swimwear and yukata. Lots of pictures of girls from games: Tokimeki Memorial, Yuna, Noel, Rolfee, Megami Paradise, Doukyuusei, Sotsugyou, etc.
    [Lots of nice pictures.]

    3 page article on Twin Bee Paradise radio, with color pictures of Kouda Mariko and Otakki Sasaki.

    1 page event report with color pictures of Kouda Mariko's live on 1996.07.07 at Nisshin Power Station.

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