Virtual Idol 10

NONE バーチャル・アイドル10

Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
980 yen
released 1996.08.22

The cover has Kouda Mariko (國府田マリ子) in a white outfit. There is also a poster of Kouda Mariko included.

The first 21 pages are on Kouda Mariko!
There are many color pictures (posed in a studio, Mariko's concert). There is 1 page of Mariko's CD, LD, and video data. There is a list of all of Mariko's songs that are available in the various network karaoke systems. There are 2 pages of clips from Mariko's video for "Watashi ga Tenshi Dattara Iinoni" and "Machibuse". There is also a one page hand written message from Mariko.

seiyuu pages

2 pages "Kingetsu Mami no Hawaii yori Ai wo Komete". Color picture of Mami in Hawaii.

2 pages on Sakamoto Maaya. Some vital statistics: S55.03.31, Tokyo, type A, 155, ? kg, 23.5 cm.

2 pages "Oshaberi Tea Time" with Tominaga Miina. The guest was Sakurai Tomo. Some color pictures and monochrome pictures, of Tomo and others rehearsing for the Saint Tail musical.

1 page on radio recording, "Doki Doki Pretty League". Monochrome pictures of Akiyama Kumi and Onosaka Masaya.

1 page on radio recording, "Sachiko no Chotto Chat Chat". Monochrome pictures of Sugawara Sachiko.

Several pages of seiyuu CD information.

Half page on Shiina Hekiru's concert tour, with a monochrome picture

Half page on W's CD and live, with a monochrome picture of Yokoyama Chisa and Nogami Yukana.

game pages

6 pages on Noel. 2 pages on each character, with lots of color pictures.

6 pages on Tokimeki Memorial. 4 pages on Tatebayashi Miharu. 1 page with pictures of various figures.

2 pages on the Tokimeki Memorial event caravan. Color pictures of Kingetsu Mami, Kawaguchi Masayo, Nagasawa Yurika, Kuribayashi Mie, and Tange Sakura.

4 pages on Dai Undoukai.

2 pages on Sentimental Graffiti.

2 page Sentimental Girl interview with Toyoshima Machiko.

2 pages on the voice challenger for Sentimental Graffiti. They will choose the 6 remaining voices for Sentimental Graffiti by audition.

4 pages on Sakura Taisen. lots of color pictures from the game.

2 pages on Doukyuusei if. some color pictures of the game.

2 pages on Mahoushoujo Fancy CoCo. color pictures from the playstation game.

2 pages on Blue Breaker.

8 pages of color pictures from various games.

1 page on the Idol Project game for PC98. small pictures of each character.

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