Virtual Idol 12

NONE バーチャル・アイドル12

Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
980 yen
released 1996.10.22

The cover has Kusachi Fumie (草地章江).

The included poster is also a poster of Kusachi Fumie.

10 pages on the new seiyuu radio shows.

1 page on Kingetsu Mami's Moonlight Lips.

1/2 page on Tengai Makyou (Sakurai Tomo and Yamaguchi Kappei).

1/2 page on Eberouge Densetsu (Mitsuishi Kotono and Watanabe Mahoro).

1/3 page on VA Tanteikyoku Rajimage (Kusachi Fumie, Kihara Satomi, and Nagasaki Moe). One group picture of all three, and three individual pictures.

1/3 page on Glams Radio Night (Asada Yoko), with color pictures of Yoko.

1/3 page on Game Dra Night (Hikami Kyoko and Koyasu Takehito).

1/3 page on Yumesame Sentai S-nery (Maeda Chiaki, Maeda Konomi, Kuwashima Houko, and Katsuragawa Chie).

5 pages of information about seiyuu CDs and events.

Half page on Kouda Mariko's 4th single, with a monochrome picture.

Half page on Shiina Hekiru's concert tour, with a monochrome picture.

(A small monochrome picture of the six seiyuu who sing Christmas songs.)


5 pages on Tokimeki Memorial.

4 pages on Princess Maker Yumemiru Yousei (Playstation). There are small pictures of Nogami Yukana (daughter), Shiina Hekiru (Uz), and Kawamura Maria (queen fairy).

4 pages on Blue Breaker.

4 pages on Refrain Love. There are small pictures of Yamazaki Wakana, Takayama Minami, and Tanaka Atsuko. There is one page of information and pictures for the three main girls. There is a picture of Iwao Junko recording the opening song for Refrain Love.

2 pages on Alice in Cyberland. There is a group picture of the three main seiyuu, Asada Yoko, Miyamura Yuko, and Araki Kae.

2 pages on Fire Woman.

2 pages on Can Can Bunny Extra DX.

2 pages on Roommate (Inoue Ryoko). There is a 15.8 cm color picture of Ryoko (wearing her school uniform: blazer and skirt), which will become life-sized if it is copied 10 times its size. Ryoko's three sizes are 84-58-84.

There is a two page Sentimental girl interview (number 3) with Maeda Ai. Ai does the role of Nagakura Emiru in Sentimental Graffiti.

3 pages on Marica -Shinjitsu no Sekai- (Sega Saturn).

A pull-out advertisement and 3 pages on Sailor Moon Supers for Sega Saturn. It has the attacks for each senshi.

seiyuu paradise

2 pages on Kusachi Fumie.

2 pages on Yanagihara Miwa.

2 pages on Voice Graphy, a set of three CD-ROMs featuring Tange Sakura, Nagashima Yuko, and Ohno Marina.

2 pages by Kingetsu Mami, with some color pictures.

2 pages by Kouda Mariko, with monochrome pictures.

2 pages by Tominaga Miina with Suzuki Masami as a guest. Some monochrome pictures.

2 pages on the Twinbee Paradise event that took place on 9/22. Pictures of Kouda Mariko, Yamazaki Wakana, Tsuruta Kanako, Kuribayashi Mie, and Otakki Sasaki.

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