Virtual Idol 1997-01

NONE バーチャル・アイドル1 (1997)

Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
880 yen
released 1996.11.22

The cover has Tange Sakura (丹下桜).

The included poster is also a poster of Tange Sakura.

Tokimeki Memorial

14 pages on Tokimeki Memorial.. The first 8 pages are regarding the debut of Fujisaki Shiori as a singer. Shiori will release a CD single on 12/5, Oshiete Mr Sky.

Lots of pictures of goods featuring Shiori.

Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna

4 pages on Yuna. (2 pages on the Sega Saturn Yuna Remix game, and 2 pages on the new Yuna OAVs.) There is a small group picture of the seiyuu.

Information on games

4 pages on True Love Story. Information about each of the characters, and some screen shots from the game.

2 pages on Dragon Knight 4 (PC-FX). Lots of pictures of the characters.. some slightly ecchi pictures.

2 pages on Digital Ange Dennou Tenshi SS (Sega Saturn). Pictures and descriptions of the main characters.

2 pages on Can Can Bunny Premiere 2 (Sega Saturn). Pictures and game shots of the main characters (no ecchi scenes).

2 pages on Dai Undoukai (Sega Saturn). Lots of pictures of Akari training. A small picture of Natsuki Rio, who does the voice of Akari.

Sentimental Graffiti

2 pages on Sentimental Graffiti. A picture (in a Christmas setting) of each girl (there are 12). Only 6 of the characters have seiyuu assigned to them, and the rest will be determined by an audition.

2 pages (Sentimental girl interview number 4) on Suzuki Mariko.

2 page article on the audition for the Sentimental Graffiti girls.

Seiyuu Paradise

1 page report with lots of pictures on Kouda Mariko's live (11/2 - 11/4).

1 page report with lots of pictures on Miyamura Yuko's live (11/4).

1 page report with lots of pictures on Yokoyama Chisa's live (10/24).

1 page report with lots of pictures on Kingetsu Mami's live (10/30 - 11/4).

3 page article (with several pictures) with Kouda Mariko going shopping at a traditional Japanese candy store.

3 page article on Tange Sakura. Lots of pictures, and information about her album Be Myself, and her events throughout Japan for it.

2 page article on Fire Woman Matoigumi. The seven new seiyuu who have roles in it are featured, with one group picture and seven individual pictures. Mizuya Mako (Kurata Masayo), Sakura Miyuki (Sasamoto Yuko), Miyama Reiko (Miyagawa Kazuki), Hibana Hohoka (Tachibana Hikari), Nittou Madoka (Hanba Tomoe), Araki Mika (Yamada Miho), Hiiragi Yuu (Takagi Reiko).

1 page on Kusachi Fumie, with a large picture.

1 page column by Kingetsu Mami, with a monochrome picture.

2 pages "Oshaberi Tea Time" by Tominaga Miina, with Fukami Rica as the guest, with many monochrome pictures.

1 page on Iwao Junko's new radio show, with some monochrome pictures.

Half page on Miyamura Yuko's new radio show, with a monochrome picture.

Half page on Seki Toshihiko, Ikezawa Haruna, and Shiratori Yuri's new radio show, with two monochrome pictures.

1 page on Kingetsu Mami's "Moonlight Lips" radio show, with Tange Sakura as the guest. Some monochrome pictures.

Half page on Kouda Mariko's Christmas concert, with a monochrome picture.

Half page on the Gall Force event, with two monochrome pictures. One picture has Yokoyama Chisa, Nagasaki Moe, Hikami Kyoko, Sakurai Tomo, Kusachi Fumie, and Kihara Satomi singing, and the other picture has all of the seiyuu from the recording.

5 pages on Kikuchi Shiho, with lots of pictures of Shiho in Kamakura.

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