Virtual Idol 1997-02

NONE バーチャル・アイドル2 (1997)

Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
880 yen
released 1996.12.22

The cover has Miyamura Yuko (宮村優子).

The included poster is also a poster of Miyamura Yuko.

16 pages of results of the Virtual Idol Grand Prix. Tokimeki Memorial won 6 out of 7 categories.

4 pages on Alice in Cyberland. Lots of character pictures, and one picture of the recording (all the seiyuu).

4 pages on True Love Story.

2 pages on Doukyuusei 2. There will be two new characters, Yamamoto Ritsuko (Tezuka Chiharu) and Saionji Shizuno (Fujino Kaoru).

2 pages on Imadoki no Vampire. The three main characters are Kawakami Seira (Koyama Yuka), Goto Erika (Hagimori Junko), and Makimura Anri (Inoue Kikuko).

2 pages on M. The three main characters are Haneda Miyuki (Miyagawa Miho), Musashino Kaori (Sakamoto Maaya), and Kamiya Takami (Satou Tami).

2 pages on Nightruth. The three main characters are Mizunagi Maria (Miyamura Yuko), Himekawa Ai (Kanai Mika), and Kujou Remika (Hikami Kyoko).

Seiyuu Paradise

2 pages on Kouda Mariko (國府田マリ子).

2 pages on Kuwashima Houko (桑島法子). Several nice color pictures, personal profile information, and an illustration of the layout of her room. There are 30 question and answers, dealing with things she likes and dislikes.

2 pages of talk between Tominaga Miina and Kanai Mika. (monochrome pictures)

Sentimental Graffiti interview (number 5) with Oda Michiko.

4 pages on Tokimeki Memorial. (Fujisaki Shiori's First Album and other Tokimeki Memorial goods.)

11 pages of new games, CDs, books, videos, events, karaoke, and goods. (pictures of Ohno Marina on each page, as she's the one introducing the items.) There is a listing of seiyuu and their songs which are available on the various karaoke systems.

Live Report Special

This is a section with lots of color pictures and a simple report for the seiyuu events that took place in November and December of 1996.

2 pages on the Hisakawa Aya Kigurumi Daiundoukai. (Several pictures of Aya in a kangaroo kigurumi, and one picture of Inoue Kikuko and her sister dressed as an angel.)

4 pages on Kingetsu Mami and Nagasawa Yurika's Joint Live.

5 pages on Miyamura Yuko's first recital event.

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