Virtual Idol 1997-04

NONE С롦ɥ룴 ()

Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
880 yen
released 1997.02.22

The cover has Kikuchi Shiho (ӻ).

The included poster is a poster of Kikuchi Shiho (and Queens Road, on the back side).

Tokimeki Memorial

There are 5 pages on Tokimeki Memorial.

The biggest news is that there will be an arcade game called Tokimeki Memorial -Oshiete Your Heart-. This game is a virtual dating game, and when the game finishes, one will get a message card. There are 500 different types of cards!

Also this game has a joystick control, and a hand sensor. The sensor will check to see how the player is feeling..

There is a game called Tokimeki Memorial Selection Fujisaki Shiori coming out on 3/20 (Saturn) and 3/27 (Playstation). It's 2800 yen, and it contains clips and information about Fujisaki Shiori.

There is going to be a Tokimeki Memorial super mints going on sale. The container has sticker with a picture of Shiori on it. But this sticker peels off to reveal another sticker underneath!

There will be more and more Tokimeki Memorial UFO catcher goods coming out. A new set of little keychains, this time in their winter school outfits, will be coming out at the end of March!

High School Girl's Uniform

There are 22 pages on pictures and information on the high school uniforms of many popular games.

New Games

Nadesico will come out as a Sega Saturn game.

Anime Freak FX vol. 4 will come out on 2/28. There will be a "Voi-dol" in Nanjatown, where Tange Sakura, Kasahara Rumi, and Sakaguchi Daisuke introduce the amusement spot Nanjatown.

Also there will be a "freak radar" section where fifteen seiyuu will introduce a store in the Tokyo area. The seiyuu are: Ikezawa Haruna, Ohno Marina, Oda Michiko, Kuwashima Houko, Shishido Rumi, Shimakata Junko, Takada Yumi, Toyoshima Machiko, Nagashima Yuko, Nakayama Manami, Niiyama Shiho, Nishihara Kumiko, Nehashi Mieko, Maeda Ai, and Momo Asako. There will be movie clips of these seiyuu showing the stores.

Sakura Taisen Hanagumi Tsuushin will come out on 2/14. Sakura Taisen Columns will come out on 3/28.

Kakyuusei for Sega Saturn will come out. Date and price not determined yet.

Eiyuu Shigan Gal Act Heroism will come out for Sega Saturn and Playstation, in the spring of 1997, 6800 yen. There will be 16 rival girls to the 4 main girls.

plus many more..

Sentimental Graffiti

The 12 seiyuu for Sentimental Graffiti have been determined. Six of the seiyuu were regular seiyuu, and the other six were chosen from an audition (there were 1428 applicants).

Small color pictures of all 12 seiyuu, and a short comment from each.

Seiyuu articles

Two pages on Kikuchi Shiho. color pictures.

One page on Kikuchi Shiho (Voogie's Angel SR).

One page on Kingetsu Mami, color picture.

Two pages on Kouda Mariko, color pictures.

Two pages on Horie Yui, several nice pictures. Some vital statistics: S51.09.20, Tokyo, type B, 155 cm, ? kg, 23 cm, ?-?-?. Favorite colors are white and orange.

One page monochrome, on recording "Creator's Cafe" with Nagasawa Miki.

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