Virtual Idol 1997-06

NONE С롦ɥ룶 ()

Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
880 yen
released 1997.04.22

The cover has characters from Kakyuusei (Mizuho and Miko).


There is a 30 page special on Kakyuusei, the Sega Saturn game goes on sale 4/25 (7800 yen).

Each major character has one page of pictures and information. There are many, many screen shots from the game, a "map" of the city where the story takes place, pictures of the various outfits worn by the girls, and much more. There is even a picture of the UFO catcher dolls that will be coming out in May. (Mizuho, Miko, Mayumi, Nana, and Mahoko are the five dolls.)


4 pages on Tokimeki Memorial.

2 pages are on the new game "Niji Iro no Seishun", featuring Nijino Saki (voice by Sugawara Sachiko) and Akiho Minori (voice by Tange Sakura). The game will go on sale 7/10, Sega Saturn and Playstation, 4800 yen.

There is 1 page on the Tokyo Game Show, that took place on 4/4 to 4/6. There are some little pictures of Tange Sakura, who was a guest at the Konami booth on 4/5 and 4/6.

There is a picture of the girl chosen to be Shiori in the upcoming Tokimeki Memorial live action movie. There were over 13,000 applicants, and the one chosen was 14 year old Fukiishi Kazue (а), a junior high student from Nara. Kazue's comment, "I might be different from the Fujisaki Shiori that you are imagining, but please like the movie version of Fujisaki Shiori too."

4 pages on Refrain Love. Pictures and information on the main characters, and small individual pictures of the three main seiyuu: Yamazaki Wakana, Takayama Minami, and Tanaka Atsuko.

1 page on Langrisser I and II, a remake for the playstation that will be released in July. It looks like the voices are different from the PC Engine version.

Naam (Touma Yuma), Imelda (Tsuru Hiromi), Chris (Minaguchi Yuko), Sonia (Tomizawa Michie), Jeri (Yokoyama Chisa), Jessica (Hisakawa Aya {I}), Jessica (Han Keiko {II}), Ruciris (Hiramatsu Akiko), Riana (Kouda Mariko).

There will be some Noel clear files in the "cel club" machines. There will be 4 total, one of each girl, and one with all three.

Seiyuu pages

2 pages on the db-network event. There are small, individual pictures of Kouda Mariko, Nishihara Kumiko, Nagasawa Yurika, Itou Miki, Tange Sakura, Tanaka Mayumi, Tsuruta Kanako, Sugawara Sachiko, Kingetsu Mami, Kurosaki Ayako, and Kikuchi Shiho. db-FM is a radio show (?) broadcast on the Internet,

2 pages on Miyamura Yuko's event (3/30).

2 pages on Sakurai Tomo's events (4/1 - Wedding event, 4/3 - concert). Two pictures from the wedding event, with Tomo in a wedding dress, and 4 pictures from the concert.

2 pages on Nakagawa Akiko. A set of 29 questions and answers, lots of pictures.

2 pages on the Sentimental Graffiti seiyuu. Pictures from the SG events held at the NEC International booth at the Tokyo Game Show. There are individual pictures of Mannaka Yukiko, Yonemoto Chizu, Nishiguchi Yuka, Okada Junko, Oda Michiko, Makishima Yuki, Okamoto Asami, Konno Hiromi, and Suzuki Urarako. There is also a picture of the 12 girls cosplaying the SG characters.

2 pages (Sentimental Graffiti interview) on Okamoto Asami.

2 pages on Kouda Mariko. Mariko will have her 5th single Egao de Aishiteru going on sale 6/4. She will have a summer concert on 7/26 and 7/27 at the Open Theater East at Yomiuri Land.

3 pages of information on fan clubs of various seiyuu.
1 page with color pictures of Kusachi Fumie in the snow.

Information Scramble

Lots and lots of information on upcoming CDs and such (all monochrome pictures).

1 page on Sakamoto Maaya's CD Grapefruits. Contains a list of songs, and comments by Maaya.

1/3 page article on the new set of Sentimental Graffiti CDs. The first three CDs will come out on 5/21. Sugihara Manami (Toyoshima Machiko), Sawatari Honoka (Suzuki Mariko), and Ayazaki Wakana (Oda Michiko) will be the first three. Each CD is 1529 yen, and will contain the song, karaoke, monologue drama, and a message from the character and seiyuu. The CD will be a picture CD.
There is a little monochrome picture of Machiko, Michiko, and Mariko. (Machiko has long hair.)

Shiina Hekiru has 21 concerts this summer.. from 7/15 to 8/31.

There is a 10 page article on the new radio shows. Color pictures of the seiyuu for some of the new shows: Tange Sakura, Kikuchi Shiho and Ikezawa Haruna (in pajamas), Takahashi Miki and Kanai Mika, Kuwashima Houko and Toyoshima Machiko (Machiko has short hair), Sakurai Tomo, and more..

There is a listing of the radio shows, listed by weekday.

There is 2/3 page on Shibuya de Chu. Small pictures of the time when Hikami Kyoko was the guest, and Nagasawa Miki's guest appearance.

There is 1/3 page on a new scanner by NEC (300S and 600S), which will come with an instruction video, with narration by Tange Sakura. A small, but nice picture of Sakura.

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