Virtual Idol 1997-07

NONE バーチャル・アイドル7 (1997)

Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
890 yen
released 1997.05.22

The cover has Malone and Shia Donarstark from Marie no Atelier. There is also a small picture of Nogami Yukana in a yukata.

information about new games

Tokimeki Memorial 2
Nothing determined yet.

True Love Story 2
A new game is planned for summer of 1998.

Doukyuusei 2
Sega Saturn game will come out in July 1997.

Suu Chii Pai adventure
Sega Saturn game will come out in the fall of 1997.

Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna 3
Sega Saturn game is planned for sometime in 1997.

Noel 2
Nothing determined yet.

Roommate in Summer Vacation
Sega Saturn game will come out in summer of 1997.

Can Can Bunny Extra
Sega Saturn game will come out in fall of 1997.

Heroine Dream 2
Playstation game is planned for spring of 1998.

Sentimental Graffiti

There is a 2 page article on Sentimental Graffiti. There are 33 small clips from the OP of the game.

There is a 2 page sentimental girl interview with Nishiguchi Yuka.

Tokimeki Memorial

There is a 4 page article on Tokimeki Memorial. One page features the Tokimemo Tokkaedama game (a puzzle game). One page features the Niji Iro no Seishun game. Two pages for the new Tokimemo goods coming out this summer.

other games

There is a 4 page article on Marie no Atelier.

There is a 4 page article on Eberouge Densetsu. Pictures of the characters, pictures from the public recording of the Eberouge radio show (Mitsuishi Kotono, Toyoguchi Megumi, and Hiramatsu Akiko).

There is a 4 page article on Zoku Hatsukoi Monogatari.

There is a 3 page article on Next King. Pictures and descriptions of each of the characters.

Virtual Idol express

A half page article on each game.. lots of bishoujo games. Pictures and character information.

Monthly Idol flash (April 1997)

This is the section where they list the new female characters of the games that came out in that month. This section used to be in color, but now it is monochrome. All of the character pictures are black and white..

seiyuu pages

There is a 3 page article on the seiyuu live held at the Akasaka Blitz. This was a public recording for a BS TV program. The seiyuu featured were Nogami Yukana, Kingetsu Mami, Yokoyama Chisa, Kusachi Fumie, Kasahara Hiroko, Kouda Mariko, and Sakurai Tomo. There are a couple color pictures of each seiyuu.

There is a 2 page picture article on Nogami Yukana. Yukana is wearing a yukata, and looks very very nice.

There is a 2 page picture article of Girls Be (Toyoshima Machiko and Kuwashima Houko). The girls are in a park. In most of the pictures, Machiko and Houko are holding each other affectionately.

The "seiyuu data box" corner features Shiina Hekiru. This is a 2 page article containing information and tiny pictures of each CD single, CD, videos, LDs, VCD, and MD that were released by Hekiru. There is also some personal data.

The "Tominaga Miina Oshaberi Tea Time" corner is 2 pages, and has color pictures of Miina and the guest, Nagasawa Miki.

Kouda Mariko has a 3 page column. There are come color pictures of Mariko cooking nabe.

Kingetsu Mami has a 1 page column. There is a color picture of Mami (picture probably taken in America).

There are lots and lots of other seiyuu information in the monochrome pages.

There are lists of upcoming games.

There is a True Love Story manga.

The "creator's gallery" corner features Suzuki Noritaka. There are 7 pages of pictures, lots of nice pictures from Idol Project and Jajauma Quartet.

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