Virtual Idol 1997-08

NONE バーチャル・アイドル8 (1997)

Tokuma Shoten Intermedia
890 yen
released 1997.06.22

The cover has Inoue Ryoko from the game Roommate. There is also a small picture of Kikuchi Shiho.

They are still giving away tickets for the Voogie's Angel events..
[I guess they didn't fill the halls with just those from the LD buyers. I still didn't see my LD yet! (;_;)]

4 page article on Roommate -Ryoko in Summer Vacation-.
[I'm not sure, but the character design looks slightly different. Was her breasts this large in the original game?]

7 pages on Tokimeki Memorial. The first 3 pages are on the new Nijino Saki game. The next 2 pages features LOTS of small images from the new OP animation of the Tokimemo drama games. Most of the pictures are of Shiori.. but the character designs are different!
[She does not look cute any more! (;_;)]

The next 2 pages have some of the new Tokimemo goods that are planned to be released this summer. A 160cm by 70cm bath towel of Fujisaki Shiori.. with Shiori wearing a bikini.
[I wish it was a nice one-piece bathing suit.]

There will be a new set of Tokimemo mascot catcher keychains! This time, the girls are wearing gym clothes.. burumas. There is another set of Tokimeki pins.
[This came out already.. I have a Yukari one.]

2 pages on Sentimental Graffiti. They have the pictures of the 12 print club stickers. There is only one machine right now, at the Tokyo Gulliver game center, in Matsudo. There will also be 30 cm figures of the 12 girls coming out, and they will go on sale in the month of their birthdays. The first one, Hoshino Asuka (Seika Joshikou) is June.

In October there will be some more SG catcher goods! There will be a set of CDs (one card and one CD single), 13 cm tall figures, and keychain figures.
[These keychains look well-made.. The CD will have some talk by the seiyuu.]

There is a two page Sentimental Girl interview with Makishima Yuki.

2 pages on Desire, a Sega Saturn game. A similar game to Eve Burst Error. Cast is as follows.

  • Cheryl Chatorate :: Nishimura Chinami
  • Reiko Kusanagi :: Yamaguchi Yuriko
  • Christy Shepard :: Tanaka Atsuko
  • Tina :: Kawakami Tomoko
  • Kazumi M Granchester :: Tamagawa Sakiko
  • Sylvia Brother :: Natsuki Rio
  • Martina Stratovich :: Ikeda Masako
  • Elena Francois :: Koorogi Satomi
  • Makoto Izumi :: Hikami Kyoko

2 pages on Digital Ange Dennou Tenshi SS.

2 pages on Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku. This is like the continuation of Eternal Melody.
[The radio drama is on Game Dra Night now.]

2 pages on Ayakashi Ninden Kuno Ichiban, a Playstation game. Characters are as follows.

  • Hagakure Kaeda (Kikuchi Shiho)
  • Hisano Tsukiha (Tange Sakura)
  • Toono Miyuki (Inoue Kikuko)
  • Fujiki Kasumi (Orikasa Ai)

1 page each on Photogenic, Pretty Sami [Sega Saturn], and Bulk Slash.

2 page article on Kouda Mariko. Pictures of Mariko in a black jacket, going around town cleaning up.

2 page interview with Kouda Mariko, about her upcoming summer concert. color pictures.

2 page article on Kasahara Hiroko. color pictures.

2 page article on Kimura Akiko. color pictures.

2 pages of information "Seiyuu Data Box" featuring Sakurai Tomo. All of Tomo's CD singles, albums, videos, and LDs are listed, along with some of her personal data.

2 page column "oshaberi tea time" with Tominaga Miina. The guest is Tange Sakura, with her Pingu goods/dolls. monochrome pictures.

Many more short seiyuu related articles in the monochrome (and cheap paper) section.

The third set of Sentimental Graffiti CD's will go on sale 7/19. A monochrome picture of Okada Junko, Okamoto Asami, and Makishima Yuki.

The Girls Be album that goes on sale 8/21 with have the theme "neo lez French lolita pops".
[neo lez = girls who are good friends and go around holding hands]

The Creator's Gallery section features Kakinouchi Narumi. Lots of pictures of Hatsukoi Monogatari characters.

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