Vivace (̿) ӥ

Opt Communications
2200 yen
released 1996.11.16
size B5, hardcover, 96 pages

This book is a color picture collection of Hisakawa Aya (). There is a 14 page long interview section in the back.

The pictures in this book were taken in Italy.

[The following information provided by Joe Petrow.]

Of course, there are lots and lots of nice Aya pictures here. Unfortunately, as she has said before, there are no swimsuit pictures. But there are several nice shots of her in a short, sleeveless white dress.

Some of the highlights:

Smiling Aya on the street. Red with with polka dot pants, red shoes, white shirt, red with white polka dot scarf, white coat, sunglasses on top of her head. Hair down

Smiling Aya walking on a pier. Black pants, black shoes, yellow long sleeve shirt with white horizontal stripes, black beret. Hair down.

Aya looking somewhat distrurbed in a church (crucifix in background) Long, one piece floral dress. Hair down.

Aya sitting, legs crossed, holding a white book cross-armed. Short one-piece sleeveless white dress, white stockings. Hair up.

Aya leaning against wall, holding large brimmed white hat. Same long floral dress, hair down. This picture is a little blurry, and to me she looks a lot like Inoue Kikuko here.

Aya in gondola, hand on chin, contemplatively looking out on the water. range shirt, orange sweater top, or with white polka dot scarf. Hair in pony tail.

Over thirty short questions and answers before the long interview. Like:

Q: Do you believe in UFO's?
A: Very much!

Q: What kind of animal would you compare yourself to?
A: Definitely a cat! (yes!)

Q: If you were to take a years vacation, what would you want to do?
A: I want to go to Florida and swim with the manatees. I would definitely to fulfill that dream. After that I would go visit some penguins.

Q: Up to now, what is the most favorite thing you've done?
A: Meeting the penguins and swimming with the dolphins.

Q: Are you glad that you were born as a girl?
A: Not so much as a girl, but I'm glad to be Hisakawa Aya, because I am living such an interesting life.

And so on...

Definitely worth buying two more! (^_^;)

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