Vivant (高田由美写真集)
ISBN 4-87376-155-7
2000 yen
size A5, hardcover, around 74 pages

[information provided by Steve Wong]

Assuming I can count, it is 74 pages long. There are many blank pages or with only a few lines of text.

Basically, this is a book with lots of pictures of Takada Yumi (高田由美).

The book is hardback, and is covered with a sheet of semi-translucent paper (like tracing paper but thicker) covered with loads of pictures of Aeka.

First, there is a single photo. She appears to be wearing the black shiny leather thing you can often see in the various Tenchi books. I guess this picture was probably taken at a concert seeing as she is singing into a cordless microphone.

The first set of photos has her sitting on a chair in what looks like a cafe. She is looking at a b/w picture book. She is wearing a blue-green (silk?) shirt and white trousers. The way she is sitting could be considered unlady-like.

In the next set of pictures, she is wearing a small black top, black leather jacket and tight black/red striped er... trousers? I think they have another name but I don't know what. The pictures are taken at or near a road. In many of the pictures, she can be seen to hold a tube of Pringles, sour cream 'n onion flavour.

Next, she is wearing the white thing she wore at the Parachute Tenchi event. It's white, it's nice, it's time to get the book if you want to know what it looks like because I can't describe it adequetely. These pictures ware taken in a dressing room.

The next bit's interesting. Have you ever wondered what she looks like in black underwear? Now you can find out! She is wearing a bra, a see-through body piece, stockings and shoes. By the ingenious use of camera tricks, a cloak and a chair, you don't get to see much, but what there is, is still worth looking at.

Cheer leader outfit next. I don't think it's a very nice one, could be much more cute! Black top with a white stripe, white skirt, red socks, white shoes. I think the shoes are called plymsoles, at least they were about 15 years ago in England, which is the last time I saw them. A pair of blue pom-poms complete the picture together with a plain blue background. Oh, she is also wearing two giant daisies in her hair.

Finally, she is wearing a tight black top & black trousers in front of a plain surface. There is a soft spotlight on her. The trousers look quite loose, and would probably fall if she wasn't using whatever those things are called. You know, they clip on the front and back and go over your shoulders. Them things.

Ok, so that wasn't the last one. There are also a few pics of her in a glass tunnel of some sort, like the ones they have going through aquarium tanks.

Overall, I think the book is worth considering even if you are not a big fan of her. She doesn't look particularly beautiful, but I think she is cute in a goofy sort of way. Still, it's my favorate seiyuu book, the only others I have being Ohayo Pisuke - Hisakawa Aya and Dream Time - Inoue Kikuko. Now, all I need is a book by Orikasa Ai and I'll be happy.

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