Voice Animage 2

NONE ボイス・アニメージュ vol 2

Tokuma Shoten
880 yen
released 1995.04.18

The cover has the Goddess Family Club (Inoue Kikuko, Hisakawa Aya, and Touma Yumi) wearing the same design clothes and white hats.

There is a pull-out poster of the Goddess Family Club. The three girls are wearing horizontal stripe outfits.

The first section of the magazine has features on certain seiyuu, and has many color pictures.

There are 8 pages on Kouda Mariko, with lots of pictures. Mariko is wearing white clothes and has her hair up in the first two pages. Mariko is wearing a red and white striped shirt and long pants, in the next two pages (taken outside, many pictures). Mariko is wearing a black shirt and white long pants, and a black cap, in the next two pages. The second page is a full page picture of Mariko sitting down by the sea. The last two pages has Mariko in a red outfit with her hair up.

There are 7 pages on Hisakawa Aya, with lots of pictures. The first two pages are full page pictures of Aya in a white wedding dress. The next two pages is a two page close-up picture of Aya lying down in the white wedding dress (but just face and arms). [I think it is a waste of a page..] The next page has 6 pictures of Aya eating (very nice). The next page is a full page picture of Aya sitting on the floor and writing something. The next page has a large picture of Aya with two dogs, and two smaller pictures of Aya and the dogs.

There are 4 pages on Inoue Kikuko, with lots of pictures. The first two pages are full page pictures of Kikuko wearing a blue one piece dress, with buttons running down the front. She has a bandana or something on her head, and she's wearing a white and blue checkered jacket. The next page has two medium sized pictures and three little pictures of Kikuko in a very nice blue outfit.. that's a little tight. The last page is a full page picture of Kikuko in the blue outfit. Kikuko has her hair tied up in these pictures.

This section is titled "From today, I'll become a 'new me'", Inoue Kikuko 2 Gou.

3 color pages on Touma Yumi.

5 color pages on Sasaki Nozomu.

5 color pages on Yokoyama Chisa.

3 color pages on Hisakawa Aya's live, with one page on her CDs.

1 color page on Takayama Minami, and her band.

2 color pages on Kusao Takeshi's live.

2 color pages on Kusachi Fumie's live.

2 color pages on Tomizawa Michie's live.

2 color and 4 monochrome pages on Ogata Megumi.

2 monochrome pages on Shiina Hekiru's radio show.

4 monochrome pages on Hayashibara Megumi's radio show.

4 monochrome pages on Mitsuishi Kotono's radio show.

3 monochrome pages on Ishida Akira's radio show.

5 monochrome pages on Nozawa Masako.

2 monochrome pages on Tange Sakura. There is a full page picture of Sakura (full body), VERY cute.

2 monochrome pages on Iwao Junko.

1 monochrome page on Kasahara Rumi.

1 monochrome page on Nagashima Yuko.

Half page monochrome on Onodera Mariko.

Half page monochrome on Sakaguchi Daisuke.

Half page monochrome on Nakayama Manami.

Half page monochrome on Masutani Yasunori.

4 monochrome pages on Iwanaga Tetsuya and Shiratori Yuri.

2 monochrome pages on Amano Yuri.

2 monochrome pages on Yoshida Konami.

5 monochrome pages on "married seiyuu" with Hidaka Noriko, Tamagawa Sakiko, and Kanai Mika.

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