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  • Voice Animage 6

    NONE ボイス・アニメージュ vol 6

    Tokuma Shoten
    980 yen
    released 1996.01.25

    [This book is square bound, like VA1 and VA2.]

    The cover has Kouda Mariko, with her hair up, wearing a black outfit.

    There is a pullout calendar with a large picture of Kouda Mariko. (February and March).

    color pages

    7 pages on Kouda Mariko.
    (mostly full page pictures, with text on the bottom.)

    Voice Best 10

    1. Shiina Hekiru (536)
    2. Kouda Mariko (277)
    3. Sakurai Tomo (275)
    4. Inoue Kikuko (272)
    5. Hayashibara Megumi (245)
    6. Sasaki Nozomu (183)
    7. Ogata Megumi (144)
    8. Kasahara Hiroko (114)
    9. Hisakawa Aya (92)
    10. Mitsuishi Kotono (91)
    11. Iwanaga Tetsuya (77)
    12. Amano Yuri (47)
    13. Kusao Takeshi (39)
    14. Seki Toshihiko (34)
    15. Yokoyama Chisa (33)
    16. Iwao Junko (32)
    17. Miyamura Yuko (30)
    18. Hayami Sho (28)
    19. Kusachi Fumie (27)
    20. Touma Yumi (24)

    There are pictures for the top 10, most of them are pictures taken from previous issues or this issue.

    3 pages on Inoue Kikuko.
    (picture of Kikuko in a car (?), Kikuko swimming, Kikuko sitting on a bed, and Kikuko standing by a pillar.) There are also two pictures from her Ruri Iro Aquarium CD.

    2 pages on Inoue Kazuhiko.

    A two page advertisement for Shiina Hekiru goods.

    A full page advertisement for Hisakawa Aya's third album and third single.

    5 pages on Hisakawa Aya's Christmas concert.
    (2 full page pictures, 1 half page picture, 17 smaller pictures)

    1 page on Iwao Junko's Christmas concert.
    (one large picture and two smaller pictures)

    1 page on Shiratori Yuri's concert in Shinjuku.
    (one medium sized picture and two smaller pictures)

    1 page on Sakurai Tomo's Christmas Fantasy Live.
    (one medium sized picture and 12 smaller pictures)

    1/2 page on the Ezaki Productions event.
    (one medium sized, full body picture of Kikuko in the red china dress, small pictures of Ishida Akira, Hikami Kyoko, Ohtsuka Akio, and a group shot)

    1/2 page on the Orikasa Ai First Love concert.
    (one medium sized picture and two smaller pictures)

    4 pages on Kusachi Fumie.
    (two full page pictures of Fumie riding a motocross buggy)

    3 pages on Ikezawa Haruna.

    2 pages on Shirakawa Mayu.
    (one full page picture, and one half page picture)

    4 pages on Sasaki Nozomu.
    (Two pages of normal pictures, and two pages of pictures from his concert on 12/17)

    2 pages on the Bunka Housou Anime Christmas Special.
    (lots of pictures of the seiyuu that appeared, along with the hosts Tominaga Miina, Shiina Hekiru, Hasegawa Nobita, Akahori Satoru, Mizutani Yuko. nice pictures of Chiba Shigeru, Yokoyama Chisa, and many others. Kikuko is in a couple of the group pictures.)

    monochrome pages

    A big article on the seiyuu radio shows. Each show is about one page, and has many black and white pictures of the radio show hosts.

    2 page article my favorite characters by Orikasa Ai.
    (a full page monochrome picture)

    4 page interview with Mitsuya Yuuji.
    (lots of monochrome pictures)

    2 page listing of all of Tomiyama Kei's anime work. It contains all of his anime voices from 1965 to 1995.

    2 page article on Say You Club. It contains lots of monochrome pictures, describing the "making" of the TV show.

    2 page article by Chiba Shigeru. The theme is "seiyuu tte nani?" (what is a seiyuu?)

    5 page article on events, books, CDs, videos.
    (lots of little monochrome pictures)

    4 page article on a conversation between Ogata Megumi and Tsuruku Masaharu (former member of the Checkers).

    color pages

    3 page article on Ogata Megumi.
    (lots of color pictures of Megumi at a pool bar)

    1 page article on Touma Yumi.
    (five little pictures)

    1/2 page article on Mitsuishi Kotono.
    (two pictures, one of them the CD single cover)

    1/2 page article on Minami Omi.

    2 page article on Sakurai Tomo.
    (two larger pictures, four small pictures from her stage play)

    4 page article on Nogami Yukana. Yukana will have a CD coming out on 2/25.
    (lots of pictures)

    a full page advertisement for Nogami Yukana's CD.

    monochrome pages

    Lots of anime TV show voice data.

    [Voice Animage]

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