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NONE ボイス・アニメージュ vol 7

Tokuma Shoten
980 yen
released 1996.03.25

[This book is square bound, like VA1 and VA2.]

The cover has Sakurai Tomo.

There is a pullout calendar with a large picture of Sakurai Tomo. (April and May).

Seiyuu's work

There is a series of articles featuring the work of a seiyuu.

4 pages on the recording of Evangelion. Lots of pictures of seiyuu in the studio.

3 pages on Kouda Mariko's Playdia game. Lots of pictures of Mariko. There's a large picture of Mariko dressed up as a waitress, with an apron.

3 pages on Shiina Hekiru's concert. Hekiru is wearing a red outfit.

2 pages on Inoue Kikuko's CD jacket shooting. Two large pictures of Kikuko in a kimono, and a few small pictures.

1 page on Kasahara Hiroko.

1 page on Sasaki Nozomu.

1 page on Voogie's Angel. There is one small group picture (not a very good picture), and one picture of Kotono, Kikuko, and Shocker Ohno in the studio (for the 3/10 broadcast, nice picture). There are also pictures of the CDs that are currently on sale.

2 pages on some drama CDs.

2 pages on Walkyuure no Densetsu. A picture of the five main seiyuu cosplaying the characters. (Orikasa Ai, Hisakawa Aya, Suzuki Masami, Shinohara Emi, Koorogi Satomi) There are small pictures of each seiyuu in the studio. (Hisakawa Aya is wearing glasses!)

2 pages on the Toushinden cosplay. Seki Tomozaku as Eiji. Hikami Kyoko as Ellis! Full body pictures of the cosplay, and some small pictures.

1 page on Shinesman.

3 pages on Kusao Takeshi's concert.

[monochrome pages from here]

Lots of various articles about recording various anime, foreign movies, CDs, etc.

color pages

3 pages on Ikezawa Haruna.

3 pages on Kusachi Fumie, at a ski resort.

Voice Best 10

  1. Kouda Mariko (1150)
  2. Shiina Hekiru (764)
  3. Sakurai Tomo (587)
  4. Inoue Kikuko (412)
  5. Sasaki Nozomu (340)
  6. Hayashibara Megumi (305)
  7. Ogata Megumi (270)
  8. Hisakawa Aya (148)
  9. Miyamura Yuko (109)
  10. Mitsuishi Kotono (105)
  11. Kasahara Hiroko (84)
  12. Kusachi Fumie (84)
  13. Iwanaga Tetsuya (76)
  14. Iwao Junko (53)
  15. Yokoyama Chisa (53)
  16. Orikasa Ai (42)
  17. Kusao Takeshi (39)
  18. Nogami Yukana (35)
  19. Tange Sakura (31)

There are pictures for the top 10, most of them are pictures taken from previous issues or this issue.

2 pages on Sasaki Nozomu.

2 pages on Ogata Megumi.

1 page on Sasaki Nozumo's birthday event on 1996.01.15.

4 page article on Hisakawa Aya and Kusunose Seishiro. One color picture, the rest is a long interview.

monochrome pages

Lots of articles..

color pages

3 pages on new seiyuu groups, with pictures of the groups. (Virgo, Ninja Boys and Girls, Fairys)

Virgo = Nagashima Yuko, Yanase Natsumi, Niiyama Shiho, Tange Sakura, Kasahara Rumi.
Ninja Boys and Girls = Ishizuka Katashi, Konishi Hiroko, Suzumura Ken'ichi, Nakajima Mami, Miyata Harunori, Miyajima Hitomi.
Fairys = Fujino Kaoru, Ono Mayumi, Chiba Chiemi, Asakawa Yuu, Tezuka Chiharu, Miyajima Hitomi, Sakakibara Hiroko, Shirakawa Mayu, Yoshida Tomomi, Mizuhashi Kaori.

9 pages on Sakurai Tomo. Lots and lots of pictures. One page is dedicated to Tomo's Valentine Aid '96 concert, where she wore many different costumes. The last three pages has Tomo going to the room of the new seiyuu who work in the same production, Nagasaki Moe, Hashimoto Asobi, and Moriya Hisoka.

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