Voice Animage 8

NONE ボイス・アニメージュ vol 8

Tokuma Shoten
980 yen
released 1996.05.25

The cover has Miyamura Yuko.

There is a pullout calendar with a large picture of Miyamura Yuko. (June and July). The calendar has the names of the seiyuu with birthdays on each date.

After recording reports

There is reports of the after recording sessions from various anime, with pictures of the cast (groups pictures and individual pictures). Slayers Next, Shounen Santa no Daibouken, Sailor Stars, B'T X, Gundam X, Escaflowne, Lamune & 40 Fire, Mizuiro Jidai, Midori no Makibaou, and Kodomo no Omocha.

Radio voices

Some information on new radio shows. (Pictures of Amano Yuri, Iwao Junko, Iwanaga Testsuya.)

Voice Best 10

  1. Sakurai Tomo (1026)
  2. Shiina Hekiru (1001)
  3. Kouda Mariko (695)
  4. Sasaki Nozomu (315)
  5. Hayashibara Megumi (298)
  6. Inoue Kikuko (285)
  7. Ogata Megumi (200)
  8. Miyamura Yuko (137)
  9. Kusao Takeshi (113)
  10. Kusachi Fumie (106)
  11. Hisakawa Aya (102)
  12. Mitsuishi Kotono (85)
  13. Tange Sakura (70)
  14. Iwao Junko (61)
  15. Kasahara Hiroko (61)
  16. Hikami Kyoko (51)
  17. Yokoyama Chisa (44)
  18. Touma Yumi (37)
  19. Iwanaga Testsuya (36)
  20. Koyasu Takehito (28)

There are pictures for the top 10, most of them are pictures taken from previous issues or this issue.

Special recording report

4 pages on Kouda Mariko.
1 large full page picture and 5 small pictures of Mariko in the recording studio. Also several small pictures from various events: Tokimemo and Twinbee.

4 pages on Sakurai Tomo.
The first page (page 32) has Tomo and Inoue Kikuko for the Saint Tail image song jacket shooting. Several pictures of Tomo and Kikuko in white outfits. The next page (33) has several small pictures from events in March and May. The next page (34) has many pictures from the Momo no Princess play that took place in April. The next page (35) has some pictures from Tomo's picture taking and playing event in Shizuoka. In April there were 150 people from Tomo's fan club who went to Shizuoka to take pictures of Tomo. Nagasaki Moe, Moriya Hisoka, and Hashimoto Asobi also were there.
[There's a cute picture of Moe playing with a stuffed Ruby doll.]

2 pages on Shiina Hekiru.
Pictures from Hekiru's fan club one year anniversary event on 4/21. There are over 12000 people in her fan club, and 4000 came to the event.

2 pages on Inoue Kikuko.
3 pictures (1 large, 1 medium, 1 small) of Kikuko in a white long sleeve shirt, with a blue one piece. The pictures for the Ruri Iro Aquarium Selection CD were taken in the Bunka Housou building.

1 page on Ogata Megumi.

1 page on Nogami Yukana.

2 pages on Sakurai Tomo (Tomo in Hungry Land).
Tomo and Inoue Kikuko, Tomo and Hiyama Nobuyuki, Tomo and Koyasu Takehito, Tomo and Kusachi Fumie, Tomo and Suzuki Masami. There is a picture of each pair, and an individual picture of everyone.

2 pages on Sasaki Nozomu.

2 pages on Ogata Megumi, at an Internet cafe.

2 pages on the Star Bowling event.

4 pages on Kusachi Fumie.

monochrome pages

6 pages on Kusachi Fumie.
2 of those pages is on the new Gall Force OAV (page 60, 61). Some monochrome pictures of Fumie and Nagasaki Moe, who will do the roles of Rufy and Catty.

1 page on Iwao Junko, recording for her new album Entrance.

2 pages on Inoue Kazuhiko and Sasaki Nozomu. (a full page monochrome picture of both).

2 pages on Nagasaki Moe. (a full page monochrome picture of Moe.)
Moe was born in Nagasaki, but raised in Okazaki City in Aichi. Her house was in the mountains, far from neighbors.

2 pages on Naitou Ryo and Nakai Masataka, two young seiyuu.

2 pages on Kawamura Maria. (a full page monochrome picture of Maria.)

Lots and lots of radio show and TV show seiyuu data.

color pages

1 page on Mitsuishi Kotono (picture collection Egao no Mukougawa).

1 page on Seki Toshihiko (photo and essay Myself)

3 pages on Ikezawa Haruna.

7 pages on Miyamura Yuko (3 color, 4 monochrome).

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