Voice Animage 11

NONE ボイス・アニメージュ vol 11

Tokuma Shoten
980 yen
released 1996.11.25

The cover has Shiina Hekiru (it's a monochrome type picture).

There is a pullout picture of Shiina Hekiru.


There are two special articles on Shiina Hekiru and Miyamura Yuko.

12 pages of Shiina Hekiru in London! Lots of color and monochrome pictures.

5 pages of Miyamura Yuko in Hong Kong! Lots of color pictures.

1 page article on Doki Doki Pretty League. There is a picture of a baseball diamond, with pictures of each of the players.

  1. pitcher - Kouda Mariko
  2. catcher - Shiratori Yuri
  3. first base - Komori Manami
  4. second base - Touma Yumi
  5. third base - Matsumoto Rica
  6. shortstop - Nagashima Yuko
  7. left field - Hikami Kyoko
  8. center field - Yonemoto Chizu
  9. right field - Akiyama Kumi

Voice Best 10

  1. Shiina Hekiru (856)
  2. Inoue Kikuko (684)
  3. Sakurai Tomo (669)
  4. Sasaki Nozomu (476)
  5. Kouda Mariko (386)
  6. Hayashibara Megumi (336)
  7. Iwao Junko (239)
  8. Hikami Kyoko (229)
  9. Ogata Megumi (193)
  10. Miyamura Yuko (154)
  11. Kusao Takeshi (153)
  12. Koyasu Takehito (136)
  13. Yokoyama Chisa (130)
  14. Kusachi Fumie (96)
  15. Hisakawa Aya (88)
  16. Mitsuishi Kotono (79)
  17. Ikezawa Haruna (69)
  18. Tange Sakura (61)
  19. Nagasaki Moe (57)
  20. Kasahara Hiroko (54)

There are pictures for the top 10, most of them are pictures taken from previous issues or this issue.

color pages

1 page on Miyamura Yuko in Waseda (concert at the school festival).
[3 color pictures]

2 pages on Yokoyama Chisa, one page on her book and one page on her concert.
[2 large pictures and 6 small pictures]

3 pages on Gall Force (2 pages on the event, 1 on recording).
[event: 1 picture of the 6 guests on stage, 1 small closeup of each guest, 1 medium picture of each guest, and some pictures in the dressing room. The picture of Moe (wearing a cute pink sweater) has her holding a pen in her left hand. I wonder if they printed the slide backwards..]
[recording: 1 group picture, and 7 individual pictures.]

2 pages on Dori Kan Club.
[1 two-page spread with the 15 girls, 1 small picture.]

1 page on Sakurai Tomo. She is reporting on Nagasaki Moe's first voice recording for Gall Force, and some other things.
[2 small pictures, 2 tiny pictures.]

1 page on Inoue Kikuko.
[1 medium picture, 1 small picture (My Dream), and 1 small group picture (Yuna recording).]

1 page on Hikami Kyoko, about her first picture book.
[2 medium pictures, tiny pics of her picture book and CD-ROM.]

1 page on Tange Sakura, about her first full album.
[1 large picture, 2 small pictures.]

2 pages on Seiyuu Hakusho.
[lots of making of pictures of Shiratori Yuri, Fukami Rica, Araki Kae, and Orikasa Ai.]

2 pages on Ogata Megumi.
[lots of photos]

8 page article on dubbing anime and foreign movies, featuring Sasaki Nozomu and Yuya Atsuko. They give some information about the dubbing of Beverly Hills Seishun Hakusho, called Beverly Hills 90210 in English. The seiyuu in this are: Nakahara Shigeru, Mizutani Yuko, Sasaki Nozomu, Horiuchi Ken'yuu, Soumi Yoko, Adachi Shinobu, Matsumoto Rica, and Hino Yurika.

monochrome pages

3 pages on Iwao Junko. Cute, great pictures.. too bad it is monochrome.. (;_;)

Many more articles and pictures..

2 pages on Mitsuishi Kotono (full page monochrome picture). The article is about my favorite character, and Kotono talks about Tsukino Usagi.

1 page on Nagasaki Moe. Moe is going to have a regular corner called Moe-kurumi (もえぐるみ).

color pages

4 pages on Nagasaki Moe.
The first page is a full page picture of Moe wearing a very cute black and white outfit, with a black hat. The second and third pages is a two page picture of Moe in a field of flowers. Moe is wearing a yellow sweater and a pearl necklace. The fourth page has several pictures of Moe.

3 pages on Sakamoto Maaya.

2 pages on Iizuka Mayumi.

2 pages on Konishi Hiroko.

2 pages on Morikubo Shoutarou.

1 page on the CD "Seiyuu ni Narou". Small individual pictures of the seiyuu who appear in the CD: Touma Yumi, Inoue Kikuko, Mizutani Yuko, Shiratori Yuri, Yoshida Konami. A medium sized picture of Nozawa Masako and Kimotsuki Kaneta.

Voice Catch Up Data

There is a smaller sized 16 page, monochrome, booklet (bound into the magazine itself). It contains various information about the major seiyuu, such as videos, events, TV roles, radio roles, CDs that will include that seiyuu in the near future. There is also a monochrome picture of some of the seiyuu. Shiina Hekiru, Sakurai Tomo, Kouda Mariko, Inoue Kikuko, and Miyamura Yuko have one page for themselves. Others have two or more seiyuu per page.

monochrome pages

Information on many new radio shows.


There is also a postcard ballot for the Dai 1 kai Voice Grand Prix. The readers can vote for favorite seiyuu, radio personality, albums, singles, anime songs, etc.

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